Demon's Souls in the UK? Still 'no plans' says Sony

Sony have today reiterated that they have no plans to release Demons Souls in the UK.

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Pennywise4219d ago

Just import it. It's worth the extra cash.

mjolliffe4219d ago

Yeah, it's just annoying going through the process. Everyone would just prefer going down to their local GAME and getting it in hand :)

Noctis Aftermath4219d ago

No plans to publish it in the UK and yet they don't mind publishing a bunch of trash games instead? stupid.

ClownBelt4219d ago

@Noctis Aftermath

I know right? I just don't get it...

-Alpha4219d ago

You sound like every Demon's Souls hater a year ago.

Nobody thought it would succeed in the NA and it did. I have faith it will do well in the UK because it's a solid game.

I don't think anybody is expecting this to be MW2 or DDR in the UK, but the UK market is not much different from us: the Guitar Hero, Wii loving, MW2 playing Americans. Yet, Demon's Souls managed to get great recognition and surprising sales here.

redsquad4219d ago

It's worth importing to get the deluxe edition with book and cd. Even in the event of a Euro/UK release, I doubt we'd get that version.

mal_tez924219d ago

PS3 games are region free so us Aussies can play Japanese and North American games.

Aquarius4219d ago

As 9.2 said Atlus do not have any offices in Europe which is why it hasn't be released over there, so stop blaming SONY and do yourself a favour and import the game from here like I did:


himdeel4219d ago WILL NOT be sorry. Ninja Gaiden Sigma seems harder than Demons Souls to me. I absolutely love Demons Souls and it is one of my favorite RPGs to date and I've been gaming since before the Atari 2600 was released :)

The only thing I wonder about is if you'd be playing on the NA server or not.

Raf1k14219d ago

I imported my copy and I'm glad I did. It's awsome.

Also, what site is the best for imports? I paid for shipping on the renchi website but still got an invoice from FedEx after delivery.

Immortal Kaim4219d ago

Where would be the best place to purchase Demon's Souls from living in Aus? I prefer an American version over Asian version (I'm pedantic about my manuals). Cheers.

Serg4219d ago

Got my US version from Amazon Germany, even the special edition with artbook and soundtrack. No import fees, regular shipping cost and it was just under 60 bucks. My only complaint about the game is the lag, which is not really valid because I did see this one coming, US version -> US servers so. The game is absolutely awesome but it can get really hard sometimes, especially because of all the "what now?" moments that are almost extinct in a time of minimaps and guiding arrows.

I'll buy all my games from Amazon, none of them german versions. It's funny, some games still get censored here although the situation in that regard really got a lot better. I get the UK/US versions brand new for almost half the price shortly after release and don't have to look at that unbelievably large USK logo (the german ESRB so to speak).

Digitaldude4219d ago

I imported it and don't regret it, but they should have a worldwide release.
If you spend all that effort on a game, don't you want as much people to enjoy it?

ico924219d ago

well this really pi$$es me off especially seeing how many awards it received including GOTY 2009 from gamespot, uhh guess im gonna have to import

mastiffchild4219d ago

Seeing as Playasia stopped shipping to the UK which has caused me to have to go to Ebay where I've been ripped off twice(and once by a UK resident who'd already supposedly imported it)trying to buy DS this kind of peeves me more than a little and I alsop have a few French mates who REALLY want a copy for them too. It'll just be SCEE not wanting any work to do in promoting or supporting something actually really good that doesn't involve guns. Don'#t ask me to be reasonable when we in the EU already pay extra for our games and they're expecting us to import or go without after the two countries they know how to find have got their game.

Sony must have issues with the EU seeing how whoever they put in charge of things at SCEE ends up being as crap as the last tools. Our ads are crappier than anywhere else (in the Uk anyway)and sometimes you get the feeling, as a UK PS3 owner, that Sony just don't appreciate you the same as US and Japanese gamers(I don't doubt it's worse in Canada, Mexico or the Pacific regions too)from the constant poorer treatment we get(less on the store and what we do get is late as hell-don't start me on the idiocy of the SF2THDR fiasco where we waited and waited, months after it appeared on EU/UK Live, for it finally to come out practically the same day as SF4!).

Why should we have to import it when they could just do another run of the US discs with ebverything English on them? Fo9r other territories they could offer a patch over PSN for subs, no? There's your localisation costs cut Sony/Atlus/whoever won't bring us the damn game because we aren't special like the States or Japan(even though the EU actually supported Sony better this gen than the US). I get so pi55ed at Sony over stuff like this(and ninty over Fatal Frame 4 and other similarly daft things like it)and the general inept, late and useless performance of SCEE thatn I can't even be rational anymore-we don't want special treatment and understand a few delays in the EU will always happen because of all the languages and laws from nation to nation but when MS do it better with less experience you have to wonder why it's so crappy.

RumbleFish4218d ago

Import the game! The game is awesome! The game will grab your nuts and sometimes sqeeze them heavily, but you will enjoy the hard core S3X, i promise!

BTW: the best place to import imho is

callahan094218d ago

@ Noctis Aftermath:

Just curious, which "trash" games are Sony publishing in the UK?

Commander TK4218d ago

Some people love to take a country as a continent.

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nogolis4219d ago

Why should they release it in the UK, one look at their top sellers will tell you that they have no taste. Modern Warfare 2, LEts Dance and Assassins Creed 2 are their chart toppers. Do you honestly think it'd be worth it to produce this game in abundance and ship it to the UK? Please. They'd lose their overhead profit that they have made in other areas by doing that.

josh143994219d ago

yeh and modern warfare 2 isn't popular in every other country is it. demons souls would sell well in the uk if it had proper advertisements.

mjolliffe4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )


The fact is that the Gaming Industry is now bigger than the Movie Industry in the UK (it's been proved). So it doesn't matter what we like, it'll do well!

nogolis4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

This game would tank. It doesn't have guns and explosions and little pop tunes you press buttons and dance to. The UK market is into racers, soccer, pop games like dance revolution, rockband, guitar hero and twitch shooters. There is no market in the UK for good games. If there was Uncharted 2 would've sold and every Ratchet and Clank game would've sold. They didn't' and they won't because the market has shifted to mainstream over there. Sad but true.

EDIT: I didn't disagree with you and I didn't take a bubble either.

tdrules4219d ago

and i swear i will throw my tea at you and pour crumbs all over your rug.


mint royale4219d ago

@tdrules - LMAO! You tell those horrible nincompoops! I dont think nogolis will be able to reply, he's posted twice so he hasn't been to McDonalds for a good half hour.

ian724219d ago

I'm from UK and the game would do quite well over here. As good as anywhere else. You seem to not like the UK for some reason.

Blackcanary4219d ago

I'm from the UK to and everyone knows that just like the other games this would sale like the others did in the UK they just have long legs.

Damn why be so negative man.

Immortal Kaim4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

Oh, I get it, you're one of those morons that thinks if Uncharted 2 isn't in the top of the sales charts in a respective country, then the said country has no taste in games. First, I suggest looking a little closer to home, UC2 isn't up there on the NPD list is it. Secondly, if we were all to stereotype other countries based on your ridiculous reasoning, we would come to the conclusion that all Americans have the IQ of a squirrel...but that wouldn't be fair would it?

p.s I'm not even from the UK, I just don't like uninformed, childish bigotry displayed by pre-pubest fanboys. Have a nice day...

Jamescagney4219d ago

nogolis, what games are selling the most in the usa? Please, enlighten us.

sGIBMBR4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

Its alright guys, do you expect anything less from an American... Really? They are the most arrogant human's walking the face of the earth

Oh wait, did i just take 1 stupid American's opinion and put it into a stereotype?


P.S. I don't really think all Americans are stupid and arrogant, but you can see what i did there right?!

Ontopic: I would buy this game if it was released over here in the UK.

mastiffchild4219d ago

Tool. Why don't you realise that the PS3 is prolly doing worse overall in the UK than anywhere now compared to the 360 and that's why PS3 games don't chart like they do elsewhere-but the thing is as a country we're the third biggest world market now so even a top twenty game would still be making it's money back and the reason it hasn't come will be more to do with the fact that bringing out games in the UK means you usually have to bring them out for the whole of our terrtory(the EU) which is FULL of languages, different legal systems, rating systems etc etc and not because Sony think we all play COD and Lets Dance and nothing else(two games I sdidn't buy while I was, oddly enough, playing through U2 and ACiT.

Sensible way to view a whole nation that fella, made yourself look really bright. Thing is it's still a fact that SCEE do a poor job(in the UK anyway) of marketing even compared to the states(while you got the good last set of ads we got a load of collage art BS that makes me wanna turn it off-and we only got about one a month even when the Slim launched)but mainland EU still supported the hell out of the PS3 at the higher prices and still they aren't getting the game-do you accept they deserve it on "taste" terms but UK gamers with "good" taste don't just because Sony don't push either their system, their games or their online services and leave us lagging everywhere else means fewer of us bought a PS3? The charts don't accurately show what percentage of UK PS3 owners have bought what games as the large majority the 360 has means multis/360 games always look to sell way better and dominate the top positions but, again, the sheer size of the industry here means there's still a healthy nuimber of us buying the exact games you suggest we don't have the nous to enjoy.

I didn't think people still made outrageous generalisations like you just did anymore-oh, we have dentists here too these days, btw!

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kvg884219d ago

The game is stellar to say the least. If you can't get the US version, go for the Asia version, it's in english and has some pretty interesting exploits lol

mjolliffe4219d ago

One UK magazine had a go at it because you can't pause it. But it's made a huge impact in the US and AI.

PirateThom4219d ago

Importing next week then, I was giving this a week or so since God of War collection order for an update on this.

gameseveryday4219d ago

are they planning to have a special edition?

mjolliffe4219d ago

Not that I know of. I'm not sure what the 'Deluxe Edition' comes with so I'm not sure...