Blizzard Confirms Protoss Mini-Campaign for StarCraft II

Fans of the Protoss now have a little more reason to look forward to the upcoming StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Blizzard has confirmed a 'mini-campaign' starring the sons of Aiur, adding to a single-player experience that will mostly star the Terrans.

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Daver4221d ago

Sure they want you to buy the other games.. they will probably make protoss playable at then end of the terran campaign to follow the story i guess... this is ridiculous. 120$ for a game? (at least 40$ each) no thanks...

jakethesnake4221d ago

Then don't buy it. I just think it is strange they they are talking about adding more content and you are complaining about being hosed. I'll agree that I'm not excited to shell out a lot of money from my wallet, but if it is worth it, then I will happily pay. If it is a rip, then I won't. But right now it seems like it will be pricey, but there will be a tonne of quality content.

Noctis Aftermath4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

It will cost to much, and when they complain about the high piracy rate they can only blame themselves.

Daver4221d ago

@1.1 jakethesnake

Its not really more content.. its probably something to give you a taste of what the other game will be.. its only to incite you to buy the protoss one, its marketing not new content

SuperM4221d ago

People that are complaining are ridiculous. The terran campaign will be 3 times longer then previous campaigns, so even though there is only campaign for 1 race there is still just as much content. And now they are also adding a few protos missions, only a plus.

TheIneffableBob4221d ago

Wow, I think some of you need to take another look at what exactly Blizzard is doing.

Just think of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty as the full game, and Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void as expansion packs. Same thing as with the first StarCraft, but with two expansions instead of one. The only difference is that there will be only one race playable in the campaign in each. However, these single race campaigns will be as long an entire 3-race campaign from the first StarCraft.

This will give you a much more fleshed out story. If you've been following StarCraft 2, you'd know that Blizzard is doing a lot to make it more interesting. There will be lobby areas where you can interact with NPCs, listen to music, play minigames, read news, etc. Doing these things may also trigger story events which lead to side missions and character development. Having all these things obviously takes development time, and if Blizzard were to create a gameplay experience this deep for all three races and put it in one game, we wouldn't see StarCraft 2 until 2014. The other option for putting all three races in one game would be to half-bake the story elements, and, personally, I wouldn't want that.

If you're a multiplayer-only kind of guy, then StarCraft 2 will have a full multiplayer experience with all three races.

jakethesnake4220d ago

Daver, your warrantless cynicism is pretty impressive.

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Barbapapa4221d ago

the original starcraft we got 3 campaigns from the original and another 3 from broodwars. now we have to buy three separate installments just to finish it all. nice job activision /s

Panthers4220d ago

We got three campaigns with 10 or so missions each. This time we might get 30 missions or so in each campaign. I am sure Blizzard will make it worth our money. Blizzard is one of the companies I trust the most.

FinalomegaS4221d ago

but but I want to play as terrans and protos only... guess we should just wait for the battle chess to be release.

El_Colombiano4221d ago

Just pirate the games until the Battlechest is released.

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