New Forza 3 DLC: New Cars for a New Year writes: "Start clearing out space in your garage, you're going to need it. The first DLC car pack of the New Year is on the way! Although Turn 10 has not announced the pricing or contents of the car pack, we can confirm that the "Auto Week Car Show Pack" is coming soon. Xbox Live has it listed on the "Coming Soon" tab of the Xbox 360 dashboard. Nobody knows anything for sure, but rumors have been circulating in the Forza community about when the pack will be released and what it will contain. Now, thanks to a source at, you can get a sneak peak at what cars the pack might include."

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claybacca4223d ago

I didn't buy the last car pack, it was a bit of a let down. The list of cars for the latest pack looks much better, but I do wish they would include more classic muscle cars.

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The real killer4222d ago

He have a good point,so cry somewhere else.

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