The HD Dilemma

High definition video is a great technology but there are some traps for young players, writes Anna Raciti.

Once you've had a taste of high-definition video, it's hard to go back - the standard-definition footage seems to pale in comparison. Those who watch high-definition (HD) TV or who've bought a Blu-ray player know that even the most mundane scenes become rich with texture and detail in high definition.

If you've fallen for HD and you're in the market for a camcorder, it's likely you'll want your home videos to offer the same sparkle as the HD footage you enjoy. That's where HD camcorders come in.

Boasting higher resolutions than standard-definition models, HD camcorders cost a little extra, but offer the crispness and clarity only HD can deliver.

Unfortunately, buying an HD camcorder isn't straightforward. You'll need to decide what type of media you want to record to and you'll have to choose between a variety of HD video formats.

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