Tony Hawk: Ride Review -

From, "Tony Hawk's games have taken a tumble as of late but that hasn't stopped him (or rather Activision) from releasing them. The Tony Hawk brand used to be the go-to for the so called "extreme" sport of skateboarding, His "Pro Skater" franchise was innovative and addicting which led way to his groundbreaking, yet short, "Underground" series which quickly took a downturn with it's sequel.

Then came the underwhelming "American Wasteland" which lasted only one title to quickly make way for the graphics-heavy "Project 8" (and coinciding "Downhill Jam for the kiddies). After a long teaser for 'Project 8', it failed to live up to expectations, throwing the "Tony Hawk" video game franchise into serious jeapardy. At this point, something drastic was needed in order to compete with all of the peripheral-heavy games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution and the Wii in general..."

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