Darksiders - Final Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the PlanetXbox360 review:

"Mythology and ancient lore have always been perfect backdrops for video games, especially the ones of action/adventure variety. Over the last couple weeks I got to complete the story of Darksiders twice, and what I walked away with was the thought that more entertainment experiences should approach this dreary storyline (Bayonetta will be). The basis of the game revolves around the four horsemen and one of the favorite general plots of all time, the apocalypse. I have always had a mini-obsession with the end of the world and all the stories, books, and movies that feed into that topic. Darksiders focuses on just one of the four horsemen, who goes by the name War and happens to be the most badass of all the riders. Players will take control of War and wield a number of unique weapons/powers, traverse multiple different locations, and attempt to destroy those who have wronged him in the epic battle between heaven and hell. The fact that this war between good and evil is going on around the main character results in some very interesting situations and difficult decisions that must be made as to which side to take-up arms with. At the end of the day this is not your average hack-and-slash game some may be expecting from a new development house, Darksiders is easily one of the best action-adventure titles on the Xbox 360."

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Valkyrie834227d ago

Game is so good, agree with this review 100% I do!

-MoOkS-4227d ago

Definately another must buy

4227d ago
UltimaEnder4226d ago

Anyone that is looking for a fantastic game to start the new year, make sure not to pass up on Darksiders - has a ton of good action and adventure elements, nice review!