OXM UK: Darksiders: Wrath of War review

There's one admin error in Heaven, and all of a sudden the apocalypse has arrived. Darksiders is THQ's take on the Book of Revelations, which is quite a terrifying thought in itself.

But what's really scary is that this third-person hack 'n' slash adventure defies its goofy concept to be actually rather good.

Entertaining, but no revelation.

* Fighting engine is deep and robust.
* A great variety of enemies to fight.
* Love-it-or-hate-it art style.

* Immature storyline.
* Not one new idea in it.

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Dipso4223d ago

So Bayonetta gets a 9 from these guys and Darksiders gets a 7, Darksiders cons being listed as "immature storyline" and "Not one new idea in it". I'm baffled that somehow Bayonetta gets a free pass on these two elements.

Sangria4223d ago

Yep, I had the same reaction when submitting both stories.
Eurogamer wrote: "One of the best twists in the story is the absence of a twist when you most expect it.", so I guess the main problem with Darksiders is the scenario, poor and predictable.

Darkfiber4223d ago

It's because Bayonetta is a "bigger" and "more hyped" game. Hype = free pass. In most reviewers' eyes, triple A titles get better scores by default. If it's not AAA, it gets an automatic level of hate. I guarantee if this game was more hyped and considered AAA this review would be an 8 or 9, for the exact same game.

xabmol4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

File me under the love it section. :)

"Not one new idea in it"

Why do I see this in random reviews when they have little else negative to say about a game. Some reviewers just seem to throw it in there every now and again. I wonder why they didn't say this about some other games? *cough*Halo3*cough*MW2*mumble* ODST*cough*Band Hero*sneeze*

EDIT: @Dipso

Exactly! WTF?

Darkfiber4223d ago

Um, there was another game that won almost every game of the year award in 2009 and didn't have one new idea in it. It was called Uncharted 2.

I don't see this as a bad thing.

N4PS3G4223d ago

Here comes OXM UK to fuk it all up!