GameSpot Previews Call of Duty 4

It can't be easy for most publishers (that aren't named Microsoft) working on first-person shooters due out this fall. After all, said publisher's sci-fi shooter sequel Halo 3 is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year. However, Call of Duty is a pretty big series in its own right, dominating the popular World War II genre with excellent single- and multiplayer gameplay. And with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has recharged its franchise by busting it out of the World War II setting and giving it a jaw-dropping graphics update.

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OC_MurphysLaw4731d ago

Get rid of the "bunny jump" ....I am so sick of seeing FPS MP games that allow you to jump. Its not realistic...its not fun ....its lame. Give me a cover system similar to R6 or Gears in a game like Call of Duty and I would be in HEAVEN!

SolaceFate4731d ago

If they get ride of the "bunny jumpers" then gaming would be great! More games need a cover system like Rainbow 6: Vegas and Gears of War have! If the designers could master this in Call of Duty 4, people will be willing to pay the money to play a great game that isn't destroyed by gamers that do cheap kills, it makes the game boring! So I totaly agree with you.

OC_MurphysLaw4731d ago

Team chat should be a must for ANY online multiplayer game. I have never understood the concept of leaving it off. Sure it might be more "authentic" to have you only be able to talk to those around your area like the default in Battlefied...but it makes the game boring from a play w/ friends view ....and it hampers team play as half the people dont' know to push the button to talk,etc. Just make it open mic for your team. I can trash talk teh other team in the lobby. :)

Vehicles...Give them realistic physics and movement. For the most part I was happy w/ the vehicles of COD3, but with the new ones coming ...tweaks are needed. Choppers hopefully will be easier to control than Battlefield MC:2.

A flamethrower .....God I would love to see it but am thinking it wont be here given they are using modern weapons.

Jets? Not so sure about this...I actually wouldnt mind in terms of air strikes to call in...but as a controllable vehicle...just not sure.

Water craft and underwater specialists......give the game some depth below ground. Throw on scuba gear and demo a bridge or player controlled ships...or just swim a channel to sneak in behind the lines. Could be a fun wrinkle.

Most importantly .....slow the game play down. Let it truly become more tactical as opposed to a run and gun. Cover systems and no bunny jump would go a long way in helping that out.

AdmiralX4731d ago

We need some team chat! When I play I want to be able to let my team know whats coming from where. I have read a lot about this game and if they don't mess up the design and support it after release like resistence then maybe this will be another great multiplayer game

boi4731d ago

well im not complaining, but this looks good and like if u don't like it then get some other fps right :) lol no point flaming over it unless they are going to listen...oh well theirs other shooters out there so dw

MK_Red4731d ago

I dont think they are going to add a cover system like Gears. COD has always been an action/arcade shooting game and a fast one. That kind of cover is better for a game like Brothers In Arms 3. But bunny jumping is really hurting mp games these days, I agree.

VirusE4731d ago

It's being published by EA. It will be the same game with a new coat of paint like all EA games.

MK_Red4731d ago

EA!??? What are you talking about? Its an Activison game. EA has Medal series.

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The story is too old to be commented.