So Hideo Kojima, what is your next game for PlayStation 3?

GB writes: "After the recent news that Hideo Kojima might be coming back to PlayStation 3 games development, we at Gaming Bolt decided to put out thinking caps on and try and come up with what actually Hideo Kojima will develop for the PlayStation 3. Hideo Kojima is a legend so it's a no brainer that he might be actually developing something very new for the system."

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xabmol4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Crazy alternate costumes, some funny set pieces, and alternate stories/endings! Trophies! VR Missions?! UPDATED MGO?!?! Co-op?!?!?!?!

I can dream can't I? xD

sikbeta4223d ago

Is something that I'm waiting, knowing that is like a tradition is the MGS series

Ninji4223d ago

They can patch what they need to in MGS4. They don't have to release another edition of the game like before. Besides, if they did release a new edition but didn't patch the old one with trophies then people would be pissed.

xabmol4223d ago

Good point. We are in the age of DLC, so that is a completely plausible way to "subsistenceize" MGS4, but knowing Kojima, that would probably be a hefty 10+ gig download. Sure the option would be nice, but I'd rather have the disk.

In regards to the trophy thing. How can Konami as a corporation pass up the extra sales from trophy whores? xP

ThanatosDMC4223d ago

Co-op would be fun though i could do everything alone in the hardest difficulty with ease but co-op for MGS4:S to show how Peace Walker would be like would be awesome.

Download MGS:PW now!

Noctis Aftermath4223d ago

Looking at that picture, the first thing that comes to mind is how damn handsome kojima is, i swear he doesn't age, he must be full of nano-machines.

alphakennybody4223d ago

Wait, wasn't he supposed to be cooking something on NATAL? haha oh well I guess something went wrong. anyway,ZOE3 is in the work i can guaranty that.

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mjolliffe4223d ago

After MY REPORT :) - It'll be Zone of Enders 3 - No doubt about it really.

ThePlaystation3guy4223d ago

I agree with will either be the MGS4 re-release or Zone of the Enders 3. I will buy them both! BWUHAHAHAHA!

Batzi4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

ok, first of all, by the time "Metal Gear Solid: Rising" comes out, the next-gen consoles would have been hinted at or previewed already so the next Metal Gear after Rising would definitely come out on the next generation consoles, the PLAYSTATION 4(if he decides to go back exclusive) or maybe multiplatform if the Xbox takes the edge in terms of hardware specs? In any case, rest assure that the next Metal Gear after Rising won't come out this gen. So this leaves him with 3 choices, either go with Zone of The Enders 3, or a new IP designed from scratch or both which is more likely since he has been hinting at his new game on more than one occasion stating it's something completely new. To be honest, I'm looking forward to the next generation Metal Gear since that's what I care about coming from Kojima. :P

PirateThom4223d ago

Snake Eater was 2004 with PS3 unveiled 2005.

I'd say there's every chance another Kojima game will appear before the end of this gen.

Batzi4223d ago

he will definitely release games before the end of this gen but what I was trying to say is that Rising would be the last Metal Gear Solid game this gen pretty much like last gen, we had 2 big budget games(Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater) and a lower budget MGS(Portable Ops) and this gen we got Guns of The Patriots and Rising and lower budget with Peace Walker. So no more Metal Gear this gen for sure. Expect another MGS game after Rising next-gen.

KiRBY30004223d ago

except Rising is a SPIN-OFF while Peace Walker is the true sequel to the Metal Gear Solid series (said Kojima himself).

"if he decides to go back exclusive"

Kojima isnt working on Rising so you might want to take that part of your comment back.

MGS4 -> PS3 exclusive
MGS5 (aka Peace Walker) -> PSP exclusive

Rising (No Kojima) -> multiplat

mastiffchild4223d ago

Yeah, after seeing his latest words on Rising aboujut his low level of involvement it would be fair to say, atm, that it's not really his game as such. That only stands, however, as lonbg as he's happy with what the "younmger" team are showing him, doesn't it?

What if Rising starts looking like a pile to Koj, though? What then? I know if someone was playing with my legacy in my career I'd certainly step in to save it and I suspect Kojima would even more with the amazing level of attention to detail he's had in all the other MGS games, no?

IF he's caused to rejig and mess around with Rising then I can't see another PS3(exclusive or multi or whatever)not with his existing bits and bobs but if Rising is all peachy for Koj then he could easily be tempted into sneaking something out for us.

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