Violent games face media 'smear campaign' - Capcom

CVG: Resident Evil creator concerned over newspapers linking games to crime

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Risque4230d ago

Nah, we've effectively passed the point where it's possible for the mainstream media to silence anything. Games will be either protected as free speech or simply weather any storm of controversy because the medium's growing size and relevance makes it harder to attack.

Mary Whitehouse died fighting a losing battle.

NYC_Gamer4230d ago

The Media is always looking for something to blame...

Roper3164230d ago

other then themselves.

Their are more copycat crimes for people wanting their name in the news or to have their crime be the next movie of the week.

W-k4230d ago

there should be a smear campaign agents the media for all the BS they tell us all they do is tell a twisted truth or lies... mostly lies and government propaganda,but whats new. "they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR VIDEO GAMES!!!..."

bacon134230d ago

It is a sad notion that so many people, especially in the USA, do not question what they see or read in the news. In regards to video games, the people that condemn and vilify our beloved hobby have never picked up a controller or keyboard in the first place.

4230d ago