Blacksite dev speaks out following Resistance controversy

Following complaints by the Church over Resistance: Fall of Man, Midway Austin's Harvey Smith has said he believes games will one day be dealing with complex subject matter as effectively as other forms of media.

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Bill Gates4731d ago

money hungry people that have nothing to do with gaming, and never cared for it are trying to get a piece of the gaming industry any way they can.

kingofps34731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

The church has created good publicity opportunities for themselves and the video game industry :) But, what is bad publicity? Oh, I forgot any publicity is bad publicity for Sony these days.

emptiness4731d ago

i don't think GAMES should ever be a medium for serious and complex subject matter. it's a GAME and should be treated as such. serious and complex subject matter should be left in the classrooms/lecture halls/etc. to be debated and philosophized on.

we don't need to make this world any worse by trivializing serious subject matter into a game we play on a machine...

VirusE4731d ago

I think the problem is you shouldn’t be involved in any discussions that involve complex subject matter such as this. You need to look up the word opinion and then stop pushing yours fact. They put a church in a game it isn’t that complex, it happens in movies all the time, get over it.

emptiness4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

wow. i can't believe how ignorant you are to truth. opinion is important when it comes to non-trivial subject matter, not when serious consequences can be had by making an ignorant decision. your words definately show that you are a person that acts before thinking.

The Snake4731d ago

Anything that narrows down my choices in gaming is a bad thing. That includes taking out serious or complex subject matter. There needs to be variety so there will be something for everyone.