Playboy In Second Life

Hugh Hefner's adult entertainment empire becomes the latest high-profile company to set up shop in the virtual world.

A variety of businesses have already pitched up virtual offices in Linden Lab's social networking game Second Life, including Reuters, Dell, American Apparel, and Sky News. Recently the Swedish Institute also announced that the country was planning to open the first virtual embassy in Second Life, to raise awareness of Sweden amongst young people.

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MK_Red4242d ago

With lots of real life and adult content getting into Second Life, shouldn't they give it an M rating?

VirusE4242d ago

Does anyone even play second life? I know a ton of gamers and yet i have never met a single one that plays this game.

Firewire4241d ago

I met a chick that loved it! But thats the only person I know thats into it.
Bunch of weirdo's if you ask me!

VirusE4241d ago

Doesnt sound like something i would dig:)

nobizlikesnowbiz4242d ago

Second life is quite a good amount of pathetic weirdos with naked avatars having sex with eachother. No joke, they have sex rooms with nothing but weird avatar orgies.....f**king weird if you ask me....

MK_Red4241d ago

Are you serious about those things? Then I guess the Second Life is already past AO rating...