Crysis Map: Ultra-realistic jungle and Avatar style

PCGH shows pictures of an upcoming Crysis map with custom TOD and ultra-realistic jungle settings. The modder even build some Avatar style jungle just for fun.

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dirthurts4219d ago

In just a gen or two we should be seeing visuals of this quality running in our games. Can't wait.

RedSky4218d ago

Yep and development budgets will be astronomical reducing the number of games we get, they'll be dumbed down for the common masses and on the whole we'll get generic FPSs lacking any risky innovation.

toaster4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

I wish people could show gameplay every once in a while though and not just try to impress eveybody with the graphics, although that seems to work all the time. Crysis is notorious for it's eye candy visuals but the gameplay is still very good. Running through the jungle in a nanosuit and picking off guys silently while keeping hidden is harder than it sounds. I think a lot of people over look the gameplay and go straight to "OMGWTFCRYSISVISUALS" ; but Crytec didn't just make a game so people could look at pictures of scenery that could be mistaken for photos from the National Geographic Magazine. The gameplay isn't just a rehash of a previous game. Unlike other shooters, *ahem* Modern Warfare 2.

Campy da Camper4218d ago

I hear ya. I just got an Asus for xmas and a copy of Crysis to boot. Been mainly a PS3 player and this is my first, real, PC game.

As many times as I have been killed because I was standing their like an idiot gawking at the graphics, running around in that suit is fricking awesome! Sniping some poor chap then speed running across the field and power jumping up the mountain....good times!



It will happen but it will be a LONG LONG time till we get the technology to make this run at 60 fps, even current computers can not run Crysis 60 fps, I wish next gen consols are very powerful to run Crysis 60fps and run games like this!

maxxb1174218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

False. Some computers can run this at almost 90 FPS Max. Not average, but still good. We have the ability to play Crysis at a really good framerate, it's just unbelievably expensive.

redDevil874219d ago

Amazing mod. Wish more FPS games had MP levels with colors and environments like this (not just the graphics but the actual level), it would be a nice change. Makes me want to see avatar again lol

aaron58294219d ago

My computer can have those high quality graphics ... oh yea definately...

but at 2 frames per second

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The story is too old to be commented.