ZPack for PS3 - The First PlayStation 3 Backup System?!

Below is a video from ps3depp on YouTube and some info on Zpack for PS3.

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hay4223d ago

I hope it's a fake. I love homebrew possibilities(using CFW on PSP for emulators and lightmp3 player) so I'd prefer CFW solution. This is just running backups which sucks.

Natsu894223d ago

yes pirated backups would suck! But with backups of your legally purchased games it would be cool, like starting psn games.
But i would not pay 100 bucks for that!

prabx4223d ago

if the external hdd comes filled with games, then its a bargain..other wise its a pass

gaffyh4223d ago

Either it's real or a very elaborate fake. This is the third video I've seen from a different user on YouTube, and all of them have things that make me think this is fake.

1. They all have a little PM logo next to the time = Same guy I think.

2. This one is clearer, yet all of them never move the XMB left or right, or up and down. It always stays static.

3. Why is there a Windows bar at the top of the thing? I mean even I, with very limited coding ability, could make a window with no bar in delphi easily.

4. In this one especially, the software is "Zpacking" the ISO on to the externally attached HDD, yet the light on that HDD NEVER flashes. External HDDs ALWAYS have a blinking light.

Perkel4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

@ above

100% true

2 cents from me.

Zpack is in InstalShield type of installer (win) so it can't run on ps3 so it bassicaly destroy that idiot video.

Zpack program is running in backgroud which it can't be played in background.

It's cheap video

OpenGL4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

It's hilarious how fake this is. My guess is that this fellow is using his video to try and scam wanna-be hackers / skiddies into buying his €100 software to discover it doesn't work.

PirateThom4223d ago

We have a winner.

There's no fall back.

He gets their money, they can't report him because they're buying a product of questionable legality.

sikbeta4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Have the decency to change the Default XP Theme at least lol

Is fake, Next please...

pixelsword4223d ago

wouldn't that need kernels from Windows to run or something like that?

Microsoft Xbox 3604223d ago

The XMB is prerecorded. He simply edited the video by adding that zpack window over the What's New startup. What a moron. Anybody can fake this as well if you have a recorder to capture the PS3's video output and any video editor like Sony Vegas or Pinnacle.

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Meryl4223d ago

guys this is fake notice the window there is a windows xp window whilst z-pack is installing, this clearly has been edited to look like a backup system that works;)

Natsu894223d ago

if you look at their website you get some answers lol


"Can I use more than one external hard disk for backups on one PS3?

Yes, you can have e.g. one ex.hd for your games and another for your HD movies.

After Installing Zpack my PS3 is freezing, I can backup and play games without problems but the PS3 clock is showing sometimes the wrong time/wrong date and things like that?

Yes, while installing and using Zpack the PS3 OS is "slowed down" (Asymmetric Scheduling is changing) The Zpack USB Dongle is taking Control of scheduling and of the resources. We noticed the problem with the PS3 clock and controller assignment. But when you mount your games everything will be working. Tip: after installation - while turning on your PS3 with Zpack disconnect your ext. hard disk.

Can I play online when I start the games from my external hard disk?

Yes, all PS3 games on your external hard disk can be played online.

Can I edit/upload Data from the Zpack disk or from the USB Dongle?

No, please don't upload anything regarding the Zpack Backup System. We just want to stay in the background and give our customers the service they need. Use it for your PS3 cafe or personal but don't share anything about Zpack.

How many PS3 game Backups can I make on a 1 Terabyte external hard disk?

It depends on the games you choose. Approximately 45-55 Games or Blue rays (film).

After installing Zpack using my external hard disk all data were erased on the ext. hard disk?

Don't use ext. Hard disks with important data for PS3 Backups. As we also mentioned in the Installing guide coming to you with your Zpack we recommend using a completely empty external hard disk because it will be formatted. Use a recovery tool to rescue data when your data is deleted.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Moneybookers and Paysafe Card.

Can I make backup of games which I don`t own ?

NO, we don`t want our Zpack to be misused and will report any misuse immediately. This system was designed for Playstation Cafes to prevent the original disks from damages and scratches.

Is it Illegal to use Zpack?

Zpack in use with the games you have bought is not illegal (depending to your country). You should not tell everybody about your Zpack System. Don’t misuse the Zpack system and backup games you don’t have bought.

Can I start a copy (blue ray Disk) of a PS3 game with Zpack ?

Yes, just choose the option “MOUNT MEDIA” to run your copies.

Can I install the software on two different PS3?

Yes you can install it on different systems but only the system with the USB dongle will be able to mount the game images from your external hard disk.

Do I need Linux for Installation?

No, if you have Linux on you PS3 Zpack will not work. You need to reinstall the original firmware. The Installation Process of Zpack is easy just follow the steps and Zpack will work properly.

Which Firmware do I need on my PS3 to Install Zpack?

Zpack is working with all original PS3 Firmware’s. (tested up to firmware 3.15)

Is Zpack working on the PS3 Slim?

Yes, order the Zpack for PS3 slim.

Do I need Internet for Zpack Installation?

No, you don’t need Internet for installation.

You are using XP Installer for installation. Can I install other windwos apps?

No, the look of the installer is just a grafik we used to confuse some guys which tried to get behind the Zpack System. You'll see that the buttons on the right corner have no function. we are working on new apps, which were specially designed for Zpack. Don't try to install anything.

Can I Make a Copy of the USB Dongle?

No, please don’t connect the USB Dongle to a USB port of a PC or MAC. The USB Dongle will be destroyed, especially when you have Anti Virus and Firewall running. Please handle the USB Dongle with care. In cases where we can proof that the Dongle was connected to a PC or MAC, we will not make an exchange in order of damage.

Why do you have so long shipping times?

First of all we have a lot of orders and we are working really hard to send all orders as soon as possible. We are not shipping from USA. According to your country the shipping can last 6-9 days.

Can I sell Zpack in the country I am living?

Yes, in order for those running a business and want to earn money with Zpack we have Zpack reseller packages."

I don't know if they lie or not :/

Perkel4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

i's scam

especialy with win instaler part.. lol reading behind work by installer theme :D:D:D:D ... what next ? Reading language used in program by type and color of font ? ....


hope there will be many idiots to buy this :D Go to hell pirates !

sikbeta4223d ago

Pretty much scam, with words like Please don't do this or don't do that, we only accept this or that, you can't take this serious

NYC_Gamer4223d ago

We dont want backups on our ps3's....

deadlyliquidxxx4223d ago

i would love to pirate single player games on the ps3, as long as i dont get caught it isint my problem,
id be an idiot to go online with those games tho
people who actually feel guilty about pirating make me sick
likewise if a game has an extensive MP i would not pirate it
but if its like assains creed 2 or batman:aa, both im gonna wait to pirate on pc when i get a better graphics card, then go for it
its not different from songs or movies.
hell the only reason im not pirating on ps3 is cause id be a b*tch to mess up a 300 machine just to mod it

Somnipotent4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

show respect to developers by paying them for making awesome games. if you pay for them they might just have the budget to make sequels! saying that you'll be pirating only single player games is just a gross justification.

sikbeta4223d ago

I don't want to play Flash-type games instead of Awesome game like I'm doing right now, Better pay to them and receive Quality Games

RememberThe3574223d ago

"people who actually feel guilty about pirating make me sick"

lol What? Take some Alka-Seltzer and get over it.

RedDragan4223d ago

You say people who feel guilty about pirating make you feel sick?

Well I will tell you know, you make me feel sick!

Just buy the games you cheapskate!

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Death24944223d ago

Scam and Sony would fix that in the next firmware update. They have people dedicated to checking sites like youtube for any possible news of pirating capabilities.

Expy4223d ago

Pretty obvious this is fake. In order to even get anything running on there from a disc, you'd need to have a PS3 DevKit to begin with (forget about even pressing the disc image onto Blu-Ray media). Meaning they are licensed to do this, which would be rather surprising.

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