30 new Tekken 6 shots

First debuted at E3 2005 with the now apocryphal Jin Kazama footage that suggested PS3 would reach levels of realism that our tiny minds simply couldn't comprehend, GamesRadar got hold of some actual screenshots of what the PS3 version will look like.

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nice_cuppa4803d ago

looks ok.

not as good as i was expecting.

i just hope the gameplay is still sweet.

kingofps34803d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Forget Tekken 6. People should try Virtua Fighter 5. Believe me (or not) it ridiculously awesome.

I hope this time around Kazuya Mishima is the main focus in Tekken 6 and not Jin Kazama. I simply dont like him since he overshadows Kazuya in the recent games.

@ aoze (below)
Online is the only element missing from VF5. I hope VF6 sure has it.

The controls are very fluid but is a little challenging to master depending on the character your playing. Overall, from my experience playing VF5 the controls are spot on. If you’re worried about the controls don’t be since it is easy to learn and then eventually master your character. The beauty of it is that every character inVF5 handles, plays, and feel differently, believe me it’s a good thing.

@Firewire and rukusa
Dont get me worry I love Tekken series. I played every single one of them except the arcade versions. Why dont you give Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter a shot. You wouldn't be disappointed.

There is no need to be hardcore to get into the VF series. Beginner gamers can enjoy it just as much. Just dont go into the hardcore clubs in the game straight away and you will be safe:)

@ Firewire
"Do you know why no fighters have online?" You're wrong, DOA4 has online.

Contra264802d ago

your a ps3 fan.
i'm a 360 fan.

not really a fan of the VF series. only sega saturn VF2.
now... i wanna ask you, is the controlls easy to get used to?... like combos?

I want to get this game for the 360 but i'm concerned about the controls.

GrooveChampion4802d ago

VF, as a series, is very hardcore, and the level of challenge within the game is quite substantial. If you're a big DOA or Namco fighter fan, this probably will frustrate you, as combos and counters are very difficult to pull off until you know a truckload about both your character and your opponent. Some folks are f'in amazing at it right out the gate, but the vast majority will give up because a lot of the gameplay isn't on the surface.

If you do stick with it, be prepared to be fighting alone or in arcades, as finding a VF fan in your immediate circle of friends can be quite difficult.

boi4803d ago

wow kool cant wait:)

jay24803d ago

Good but I want to see some actual real fighting and get some impressions from players.

aoze4803d ago

i agree VF5 is amazing but it doesn't have online.
i hope tekken 6 has online mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.