Nights Into Dreams Retrospective

This beloved mascot for a dead console mixed the world of dreams with the single-minded expression of an idea. Here's a retrospective writen by Edge.

"Though Sonic The Hedgehog made speed its signature, it was still a platformer: raised ground still got in the way and traps ensured caution came before racing ahead. Springs might have bounced Sonic freely into the air, but he'd always come back down to Earth's traction and gravity.

In fact, the defining spirit of the Sonic experience burned more strongly on the Saturn than it did on the Mega Drive. On this loved but cowed console, Sonic Team would graduate the principle of unfettered speed to literal interpretation with the closest thing the Saturn ever had to a flagship title: Nights Into Dreams. Because once propelled unobstructed into the sky, Nights simply kept flying."

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Glocaug4739d ago

Haha what an inspiring article.