Playstation Home gains 'Home TV'

The Lost Gamer writes "Playstation Home has received its own 'Home TV' channel it would seem over the festive period."

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Eric Cartman4221d ago

Home is at its infancy and it will no doubt take time to gain widespread adoption. It needs work and I think that's what Sony is doing: experimentation.

If you guys go there, sometimes you can see people having serious discussions...and lots of dancing.

himdeel4221d ago's interesting the conversations you happen upon when you venture into HOME. I often find myself just downloading new areas and wondering through them to see what's new every so often.

I really like the games in Sodium :)

MaN_uTd4221d ago

I watched one of their episodes, awesome

-Alpha4221d ago

I just hope it doesn't end up being a waste of money and time for Sony. They are investing in developing it further, but it's not as "ZOMG, NEXT LEVEL ONLINE PLAY!" as sony fanboys made it out to be.

Remember before home was released everybody hyped it as the key feature of PSN?

I think it would have been much more effective for Sony to incorporate features of Home onto the XMB.

Party, party chat, meeting new people in forum-like game rooms, launch parties, etc. all need to be put in onto the XMB. It's a waste of time loading up Home to meet up with people and do that, and features in Home are pretty nice.

Hopefully this is where PSN Premium comes in. I really do believe that if Sony packages in the right amount of free things and keeps online free like they promised, PSN Premium can outperform XBL as the better service. Time will tell

sikbeta4221d ago

Home is getting a lot of stuff and has a consistent growth

Chubear4221d ago

Sony are ecstatic about HOME. The support for it has been ENORMOUS! HOME is only 1yr old and the difference from when it first launched to now is staggering. Can't imagine what HOME will look like by the end of this year or even next year.

With over 9million users, HOME is THE most popular gaming forum on the planet and it did all this within 1yr.

Anyone who complains about HOME being "boring" is themselves a very boring personality. With over 100 games to enjoy, over 9mill users to socialize with and offering a thousand times more interactivity than you'll find on any other console via this medium, you'd have to be just plain dumb as nails or bitter to think HOME is anything less than a roaring success and it's poised to get even bigger.

There is nothing even remotely close on other console.

OpenGL4221d ago

While I think Home in itself is a decent idea, the moderation staff are a bit extreme and have scared me away from ever using the service again. You can be suspended for even occasionally using profanity(which is censored anyway), as I learned the hard way.

-Alpha4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

First of all, show me your stats.

You skewer the 9 million number falsely. You make the implicit implication that 9 million users actively use Home(assuming your numbers are correct) or have tried out home,It does not mean that is how many people ACTIVELY use it. There is a difference. Anybody has access to Home, so it's not hard for somebody to quickly log in and try it. Bragging about 9 million users is useless as a result.

Of course Home has come along way. I didn't deny that. If you read what I said, I was demonstrating my concern for Home in the long run and how its key features should be on the XMB for easier use of access. It's at best a good way to meet a bunch of guys (or pretend to be a girl), some of which are total idiots, others of which are enjoyable.

Since Home doesn't have an active 9 mill users, it is not the "most popular" gaming forum, but nice try.

As for Home being boring, your conclusion that people are boring for thinking Home is boring is illogical. First of all, that's an irrelevant assumption, and second of all there are many reasons to call Home "boring". Meeting uninteresting people, long load times, having to download new areas, empty stores, having to download new areas etc. are all VALID reasons for someone who may find Home boring. But according to you, you like to throw out valid reasoning and just attack the person for being boring. That's very immature reasoning.

Home's success doesn't come from its 9 million user popularity (which doesn't even exist) but through its core active users (and no, 9 million PS3 owners dont actively use Home, even though you believe that to be true) and advertisements. Home is still in its infancy and there is a long way to go, so calm down.

Home was hyped immensely by Sony fanboys as the XBL equivalent (Youtube any number of comparison videos where people actually had the arrogance to assume that one single, OPTIONAL PSN feature was better than the entire XBL service). It's still in its infancy, and still in beta stages if I'm not mistaken, but Home has failed to become the main, key feature on PSN. PSN's key feature is that it's free to play. Home is completely optional.

There may be nothing close to Home on the other consoles but there doesn't HAVE to be. Home is not necessary, and it's a completely optional simulation social experience. Not many people actively use it, and just because 9 million people have accessed it doesn't mean they all have actively used it. It's mind-numbing that you even think and use that number to spin your comment to make it sound as if Home is some almighty popular service.

Is Home fun? Personally, I enjoy it for short periods of times and I enjoy checking out what's new. I play on the Poker tables (if I ever get a seat) and just waste time. But it's ultimately a distraction from actual games I play.

Again, all I said earlier was that it's important to take Home's main features and put them on the XMB (for example, launch parties).

Once again I ask for proof that 9 million users actively use Home. I can believe 9 million tried it and have logged on to it, but you made the extraordinary claim that there are 9 million users to socialize with as if those numbers are common on Home. It's typical for you to over-exaggerate and defend Sony, but hopefully you have proof for your claims.

Redempteur4221d ago

10 millions of people used home at least once

and they have 1 million ( give or take few 100K) regulars users

I'm one of them ..

People who believe home is not popular doesn't know the problem home has whenever a new thing is available ..

Yes sodium is a nice waste of time
Yes things happen in home
No home is not a key PSn feature BUt it's still a Key PS3 feature

i enjoy using home ( i'm active on the EUR , US , and JPN home ) and that's about it ...

Now Home Tv is a nice addition.. Home keep expanding and i'm NOT complaining ( still need to win on these black poker tables By the way ... )

ToastyMcNibbles4221d ago

i think Home is great and i enjoy it everytime i log in but one thing Sony needs to do is sort of what alpha male stated and incorporate Home into the XMB.. it does sort of feel seperated from PSN..its almost like 2 communities...PSN and Home...maybe thats what Sony wants but i think combining the 2 would be greater.. something simple like incorporating your Home avatar with your PSN ID avatar is something that i think would help..other than that its amazing to see how far Home has come since the past year

-Alpha4221d ago

exactly my point: It's as if Sony is running two separate things when they should be sharing features together.

Also, with what you said about avatars, it's very annoying how there is a lack of new avatars, and it's ESPECIALLY annoying that Home avatars cannot be used still. It's the ultimate way to personalize your avatars, but Sony instead offers Premium avatars.

I'm holding out for PSN Premium to change things, but we will see what happens.

mastiffchild4221d ago

No toastman NO! The thing I dislike most about my 360 is HAVCING to have, create and see my bloody Live avatar and I don't want to have to have my bloody hideous Home one on my XMB-not even if Sony pay ME.

It's fine in Home where I don't have to see it if I don't go there-and when I do it's ok as everyone else has to have one to get about even if, like their 360 counterparts they do creep me out a little.

As for the 9million users thing:well, no, there aren't that many logging in every day but there might well be very soon(by the years end, say?)as it's amazingly popular with kids and all my missus female buds love it as well and when the demographic equals out a little away from the 15-30 year old males it won't need such strict moderation, imo, as it'll do it's own by and large. whatever, though, anyone of us might think about it or whether we like and use it the fact is it's a beta and it MAKES A PROFIT already and makes it faster with every passing day so it's already paying back what sony have put in and with more devs and spaces lined up it's only going to get bigger and more inclusive and add more features.

There still isn't enough of "my kind of thing" in there but I do visit a lot more often than I have since the closed beta and the novelty ran out for me and the distance it's come is staggering. If youm haven't logged in for a few months go back and shock yourself with just how much has happened.

So, 9 or 5 million or 3 million users? Does it matter if it's both turning a profit without being complete and the userbase grows every day? I can see why it might not be your thing but that doesn't mean there isn't SOMETHING in there for you either and there WILL be more in future AND, yes, more integration(I think) from the XMB for features like game launching/chats etc so why people still deem it some kind of fail is beyond me. Yes, it took an age to be anything at all but the good spaces are turning up now(I like the EA space and the Buzz space for a little between game messing about now and then and still start up my sunday morning hangover chess league now and again(can't play unless you ran out of Resolve btw! you HAVE to have at least some kind of headache/dry mouth combo on the go))more people are in the spaces and Sodium and Xi have been great additions too.

It's going nowhere but becoming a bigger and bigger enterprise, imo, and Sony would probably tell you that they think it's still VERY much a goer and should start paying for itself sooner than you might think at the rate it's going and the nuimber of bought items you now see in peoples "homes" and on their avatars.

-Alpha4221d ago

We're not talking about bringing in avatars as a central focus or redesigning the user interface to make it look like the 360's, but stuff like launch parties, having the ability to use our characters for avatars, etc. should be made available.

GrandTheftZamboni4220d ago

Why are you asking for a proof of 9 million ACTIVE users? Chubear never said there were 9 million ACTIVE users. I use Facebook or LinkedIn every once in a while, but I'm sure they count me as a user in their stats.

-Alpha4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

because he uses the numbers as if they have relation to the success of Home. I didn't say that he said there were 9 mill active users, I said that he makes the implication that you have 9 mill users to socialize with as if 9 mill is a standard number. Additionally, he keeps using the number as if it proves how popular Home is when in reality, it is simply accessible to users by default.

Your Facebook analogy doesn't work because you voluntarily sign up for Facebook while Home is available on the XMB for anybody to click: a lot of people have seen Home and have never come back-- 9 million users is not a fair representation to Home.

GrandTheftZamboni4220d ago

I think my Facebook analogy still works. Even though Home is available for everyone to click as you say, still more than 20 million PS3 owners chose not to. At least there is no social pressure to visit Home, as there is for Facebook. I joined Facebook after realizing that more and more of my friends are there and after receiving several email invitations. I can't imagine many people signing up for Facebook on their own without being invited by a friend.

Maddens Raiders4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

i used to think that you were actually a 360 fanboy with a propensity to lean toward the PS3 here and there because you had common sense and were *honest with yourself. Therefore I took it a bit easy on you - admittedly. now i see the sheep's clothing has been removed and you indeed wear the same shoes as your counterpart, bungie who is determined to ruin this site with all of their contrived BS comments firstly, in nearly every story on N4G.

Ironically plunging yourself into PS3 conversation in a most ungregarious and condescending way as if we.are.all.daft. Please knock off all the obfuscation of facts and blending them with your own bias against Home and all else PS3, and this will be a much better site without your exhaustive, defensive harangues (eating up bandwidth) against SNE and your pretentious whims to one day think otherwise.

You don't like it - we get it. If this were a "multi" platform topic - fine - opine away. But please don't try to convince us otherwise - and please stick to your section. the 360 section. Otherwise, you'd better leave your bubbles at the door mister.

-Alpha4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

So just because you thought I was a 360 owner who favored the PS3 you left me alone? And now that you think I'm a 360 owner who DOESN'T Favor the PS3 you start attacking my character? And your telling me about bias. According to you, you had no problem when I was favoring the PS3 but now that you know that I am more critical of hardcore defenders like chubear, you decide to say hi.

I own a PS3. I can see why you have the assumption that I'm a 360 owner, but just because I'm a little more critical doesn't mean I'm some 360 fanboy. Let's not jump to conclusions.

I'm a little more critical of the PS3 fans on here then I am with 360 fans because the site is dominated by PS3 fans. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but when someone like chubear over exaggerates something pro-PS3 (like he always does), I get defensive. Who said I didn't like Home? I like Home, I just don't like how chubear spins everything into super exaggerated PS3 news. He says u can find 9 million users to socialize with on Home as if Home is that wildly popular. You ramble about my posting style, yet don't manage to write anything of substance pertaining to your accusations.

If you think my comments are contrived, then at least argue and address them instead of making statements on my character.

How am I being condescending? And to who?
Your telling me I'm being defensive, yet it was chubear who made an irrelevant response to me about Home being so great, when I was the one who said it would be nice for Home features to be on the XMB.

Sorry for being cautiously optimistic. If all you want to hear is good news and joy then you have the ability to put me on your ignore list, but I'm simply sharing my thoughts in a constructive manner, and when somebody like you disagrees you decide to not address anything I actually say but instead make assumptions on what I own.

@Street Car

Your right about that: but I'm still saying that it's much easier to access home than it is to sign up for Facebook. Regardless of social pressure, you have to go through a sign up process. Not so with Home, where you can simply click the button and check out the service.

Now, this is all a bit irrelevant: my point was that 9 million users isn't a true indication of HOME's success. Like you said, there are many who haven't used Home and many who don't like it.

Chubear makes the argument that people who find Home boring are boring themselves. That's such a silly statement, and it's pretty arrogant to ignore an argument and generalize people who call home Boring as boring themselves.

Maddens then assumes the same, that I don't like Home. I didn't say that: I was simply defending the fact that people like chubear can't generalize and ignore complaints with such faulty reasoning for people that feel negatively about Home

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nogolis4221d ago

Sodium is a decent waste of time, really. I got into it one night and played 3 hours probably. Upgrading those guns is just so fun. I wish they'd expand it to a few more varied areas but we'll see. One thing I was bummed to see was the lack of new arcade games within home. What gives here? What happened to that Helicopter game we all seen in the demos? What happened to Carriage Return even? Why aren't they putting up new content in the arcade? I'm sick of Echo Chrome and Ice Breaker. Oh well, Home is Home and I can't say I've spent much time in it really. I go there about once a week now and see what's new, if that. I don't even have my apartment fixed up. I have everything just stacked in the corner. Maybe if we had more stuff to work with it'd be different.

Godmars2904221d ago

Either Youtube access when in your own apartment, or downscaled viewing from your HDD and the BR player.

RedDragan4220d ago

This is what alot of people are waiting for. However, there are forces at work that are doing everything possible to stop this from happening.

They come from a place called Hollywood. Not only content with stopping Sony allowing their stuff on Home, they also want Sony to not use such a system at all in case people find a way around it.

mcnablejr4221d ago

is all of it a little pointless if it could all be done on your own screen, in big. Or does it fill the whole screen. Home didnt realy draw me in from the start . Has it improved much in the time its been out?

4point7BillionLoss4221d ago

everything about it sucks so bad .... I went on just to see if it could have gotten any better ... I had to redownload a bunch of areas FFS ... seriously WTF..

I'ts a never ending BETA that's absolutely pointless.

And it cost precisely $4.7 Billion !!!

Clean your teeth droids - Does home have a teeth whitening area you can all play in ...

nogolis4221d ago

That's one thing I don't understand and don't like about Home. Why the hell should we have to re-download areas once we download them? Makes no sense. I'll leave an area and then when I return the next session I'll have to redownload a ton of the areas again. It even gives us the option to download in the background, WTF??

I wish this would be solved one day.

Chubear4221d ago

HA!! the little 360 bitter hater fanclub I see in here LOL. You all wanted HOME to fail and it didn't. Get over it and go enjoy you 360miis. Oh how fun they are, look they can spin around on one spot while they burp - exciting stuff! lol

nogolis4221d ago

I'm not bitter and I don't own a 360. What I said is true and you disagreed with it, giving other people the illusion that in Home you don't have to redownload your areas, when, in fact, you do. You're type is the reason why Home doesn't improve. You keep lying to everyone about how great it is.

Redempteur4221d ago

you have to redownload areas because they have been updated

simple as that ...

Even the dames and chess mini games received new rules !
Everything get updated to add new areas , new games , new options.

Home is NOT a fixed online community that's why ...

ANd i fail to see how 30mb is too much

nogolis4221d ago

Well, thank you for that information. I didn't know that and now I do. It clears things up for me and I never said 32 mb was too much. I was just asking why.

Also, when will they update the arcade? We've had the same 2 games forever now. What happened to Carrage return?

mcnablejr4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

well i guess that was $4.7 billion well spent then. Right?

Redempteur4221d ago

The arcade won't be updated .. BUt another section is in the works ..

Meanwhile you can try the ratchet and clank ," past , present and future " games , or sodium or Ea tables , or the audi mini game or the uncharted 2 minigame or ....


Why do we still have to download since we already download the rooms? You guys are clearly fkn stupid and have never been in home. You see the developers they contantly update there rooms with new videos and mini games . So in order for them to put that in there they have to do an update . It takes 2 fkn min to redownload while you can still roam any rooms .I love the idiots in N4G who have never been in HOME and likes to comment .

@47 ........HOME=failure
Man your a failure for commenting on a product you dont have . Its such a failure that sony is actually making money of of it . Really dude your name is GAY

Lykon4220d ago

@ 1.2 sometimes it's updates but you can increase your cache size which cuts out much of the downloading. I love Home btw

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Kluv4221d ago

What i expect is the final, Version 1.0 full Home experience to be ready to roll out on the PS4.

Chubear4221d ago

Yeah, PS4 HOME is going to be insanity! lol. and to think, it wouldn't even be a possibility if the naysayers had succeeded in convincing gamers HOME is nothing special and to keep away.

The PS fanbase are just exceptional. We do our best to encourage and support new ideas that help push gaming forward for the greater good for US instead of accepting mediocrity laced in sub par HD.

If not for the support the PS base give Sony's gaming product I believe we'd only just now be switching to CDs for gaming and stuck in 8v8 online gaming forever.


Jamescagney4221d ago

Chubear, are you on medication? It might be a good idea to take your next dosage.

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