Fallen Earth Reviewed by GameShard

GameShard weighs in with a review of Icarus' post-apocalytpic MMORPG, Fallen Earth:

"Fallen Earth leaves me with muddied thoughts. Strong first impressions quickly fade to bewilderment at the range of choice offered immediately after the into, and whilst some players might enjoy the freedom I found it a little too much to be set lose without much in the way of guidance. Once I found my feet, I begun to truly enjoy Fallen Earth for the deep, intricate experience that it undoubtedly is, but getting there took a lot of effort on my part. For some, that will be all the recommendation they need, and I advise them to go and try Fallen Earth immediately. For those weaned on the likes of World of Warcraft, Fallen Earth offers a glimpse at what more MMO's can offer beyond the same tired fantasy adventures, but it comes with a hefty price tag in terms of commitment and time. If that's a price you're willing to pay, then go forth and enjoy."

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