Resident Evil 4 Takes Crown in a Showdown of the Decade

Rely on Horror writes: "Looking at review scores in magazines isn't always the best way of telling if a game is for you. However having been the bastion of them for as long as I can remember they probably are still the deciding factor when it comes to what people go out and buy.

Nonetheless the folks over at Kotaku have conducted research into the best games of each year from the past decade purely based on review scores from well known aggregate review sites GameRankings and Metacritic. The results are interesting..."

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peeps4223d ago

why isn't the original link i.e. kotaku's posted instead? all this article is doing is quoting kotaku's article and saying their game of the decade was re4...

disposable4223d ago

The graphics, atmosphere and gameplay just blew my mind when it was first released on the Gamecube. The game alone was worth getting a Gamecube in my opinion.

sikbeta4223d ago

RE4 was a Amazing Game, I'm expecting for the Remastered PS3 Version, seriously

bigboss9114223d ago

re4 is tied for my game of the decade. mgs3,4 uncharted 1,2 and DMC 1,3 is up there as well. re4= my life during Highschool. thats like the only game i played for a whole year. im not kidding i spent more time playing this then any game i have ever owned. unreal tournament and Mgs is close to it but I played re4 way too much.

nogolis4223d ago


We already had it. It was called Resident Evil 5.

Anyways, Resident Evil 4, to me, was lame. In fact, the last playable Resident Evil, for me, was Code Veronica. I said playable, not good, by the way. Resident Evil has lost its way. I thought, honestly, with the Gamecube remake Capcom was going to reboot the entire series and start back from scratch using the themes that worked in the original. Sadly they didn't do that. They just kept pumping out the $#*T.

A shame, really. Resident Evil, the original, envoked so much excitment in me when I 1st played it all them years ago. A feeling of what "could" be done using the video game media to draw you in. They lost sight of that on part 2, kind of got it back on part 3, started losing it again for code veronica and lost it all together with RE4 and RE5. I'm done with Capcom's Resident Evil series, much like I'm done with Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark.

After playing Siren, and seeing the potential again, I know what to expect.

ThanatosDMC4223d ago

RE4 was amazing. Leon S. Kennedy pwns! His moves and background were realistic to what he did.

RE5's Chris was pure BULL$HIT! Combo punch the huge boulder and survive Wesker's punches that can dent metal hulls with his muscles alone.

nogolis4223d ago

I got to the part in RE4 where the troll came out of the cave lookin' like a LOTR reject and said to myself "What the F*#% is this $#*T" I then turned it off and said "that's enough of that series"

Keep in mind, moments before this part we fought off a giant fish too. Lame as hell.

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omodis4204223d ago

The series has gone down hill ever since RE3.

Cenobia4223d ago

I don't think RE4 is deserving of "Game of the Decade", or even that great a game to be honest. I enjoyed a game called Cold Fear a lot more (I played it before RE4) mainly because of the ability to walk while shooting.

The story in RE4 was completely idiotic, and I think that should be a pretty big factor in a Game of the Decade. I also didn't particularly like the gameplay (mostly, again, because of the "don't move to shoot" mechanic), but that's just my opinion. I played it on the PS2 so it might have been a little dated by then, although that doesn't explain why they kept it for RE5.

Game of the decade should go to Shadow of the Colossus or ICO in my opinion. They're my favorite games of all time and gave a much better overall experience.

FinalomegaS4223d ago

RE4 , man that was such a big change in the RE series for the better part. I know some that didn't like it because it was to much action but for many more it was the change that was needed.

For me, you guys had to admit after spending so much time on the game, and you were like OMG that great. Then came the mercenary OPS with bad ass Wesker and Krauser. Honorable mention Hunk and that 1 hit KO neck breaker.

I mean i did like RE5 and the coop but it couldn't touch RE4.

on top of that RE4 had a side mission as a bonus.

above: RE3 was were the action button pressing started. You gotta run forest! RUN!!!

I would say the true RE fans would still think back to RE2.

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