Nvidia Fermi: GF100 coming to CES

Nvidia announced a sneak peek of the GF100 at the CES in Las Vegas. Only little information has been revealed up to now. According to rumors the graphics card will be launched in March 2010.

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toaster4219d ago

That is one sexy looking card. I wonder how chrome will dissipate heat though.. if that is even chrome at all.

LostDjinn4219d ago

Not well Toaster, not well at all.
I must admit though that I'm really looking forward to seeing fermi in action.

toaster4219d ago

There better be one badass mofo of a fan on that GPU. The chrome will overheat it so fast, especially if it's going to be OCed.

Maybe liquid cooling? BFG did it with the GTX295 H2OC and the GTX285 H2O+. nVidia should do something like that.

LostDjinn4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

Toaster I think you'll find it's plastic with a silver finish. Nevertheless it's good to see you have the ability to consider these things. Many here don't display the ability. Have a bubble.

Raf1k14219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

The chrome is just for show.
It'll have your usual copper heatsink on the inside with plastic on the outside for protection and a little chrome finish to make it look nice. Different companies will probably have a different look as usual.

edit: I hope it's not liquid cooling as that's usually reserved for later more powerful versions of cards that have been overclocked. This one will likely be the first of the fermi cards and probably not the most powerful. If it is a lower end card and it has liquid cooling I'd be a little worried about it's heat output.

LostDjinn4219d ago

It's a given that it wont feature any chrome internals. Strapping chrome on the outside of the housing for show is still a very silly move given chromes heat retention. It'd be like mounting a mild hotplate on your board as system heat would be absorbed from other components as well thus causing complications.

TheIneffableBob4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

That's a Tesla card, not GeForce.
Tesla cards are built for scientific applications and 3D rendering.

toaster4218d ago

And your point is? No one said it was for gaming purposes. It's a GPU. It has chrome on it. It's still going to get hot, even more so if it had chrome on it.

TheIneffableBob4218d ago

As Raf1k1 said, the chrome is just for show.

They'll get hot, but these Tesla cards have slightly lower specs than the gaming cards to make it easier to make a card with extremely high reliability. One reason why they cost thousands of dollars.

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GAMERIG4219d ago

i REALLY LOVE NVIDIA STUFFS. I would have to collect all video cards as my trophy! ;0)

Letros4219d ago

Might pick one of these up for 3d stuff, until then my 5850 is my buddy.

I like both ATI and Nvidia, don't understand how you can develop fan boys over graphic card companies. Competition is a good thing, hopefully Nvidia can deliver with the GF 100.

bozebo4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

i thought the 100 series were laptop/low end chips.

we are all interested in the epic desktop ones, but we can only hope there will be news of them. Holding off my purchase until I can compare with the 5 series ATI cards.

Kakkoii4218d ago

GF100 is the chip name, not the card series name. The series will be GTX 3xx.

bozebo4218d ago

oh right thanks, that cleared it up ^_^

4218d ago
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