D+PAD Magazine: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine Writes:

James Cameron's Avatar was conceived fifteen years ago, with the director describing the influences for the piece as "every single science fiction book [he] read as a kid". Unfortunately the technology available at the time (1994) was not capable of delivering Cameron's vision and the project had to be put on hold. Fast forward to December 2009, and Avatar has finally seen a full release, the product of rumoured $237 million investment and the development of bespoke 3D filming techniques - the resulting sci-fi epic has been warmly received the world over. At this point, we should probably clarify that the above is in reference to the movie, not the videogame. While James Cameron's Avatar: The Game commenced development back in 2007, the results are far less convincing that its big screen counterpart.

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