Is This The Xbox 360's Retail Retreat In Japan?

2008 was a strong year for the Xbox 360 in Japan. With timed exclusives like Tales of Vesperia, Microsoft was able to drawn both long lines and new gamers to its platform. 2009 was another story altogether.

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ASSASSYN 36o4224d ago

Japan owns about 11% of U.S. debt. Why would they want to help sell a U.S. console when they can push two domestic consoles. Especially given the rocky road a 360 rides on with other issues.

Anon19744224d ago

Do you really think retailers care? They'll sell whatever console there is demand for, and whatever makes them money.
The 360 simply doesn't move in Japan. Don't you think that's more likely the reason why retailers are cold to the 360 compared to products that actually sell?

Golfcoachh4224d ago

Of course that number continues to grow, but thats a topic for another forum. I don't think that plays any part in the sales of the 360. The fact that it has had its problems with faulty hardware, no established track record of games that appeal to the japanese market, and the fact that they tend to buy things made by japanese companies has more to do with it. In my oppinion.

anh_duong4224d ago

if japan is buying us debt then isn't japan lending the us money??? isn't this a good thing?? imagine if japan wasn't buying us treasuries/agencies.. yields would jump which would would likely result in higher borrowing cost for US citizen.. furthermore, apple, an american product is doing incredibly well in japan - even in competition with all the other japanese phone/music players

Christopher4224d ago

Kind of a no-brainer.

In the U.S. retailers push Xbox 360/Wii because they've sold the most.

In Japan, retailers push PS3/Wii because they've sold the most.

Businesses kind of go where the money is.

blue7xx74223d ago

I know I was suprised in seeing this. So its japanese retailers and people who seem to want it to fail and making sure it does. That's pretty deceiving what they are doing.

evilmonkey5014223d ago

The xbox has had horrible reliability issues.

darthv724223d ago

according to media create, 360 had a better 2009 than 2008.
373,357 (2009)
322,097 (2008)
Even if it was just 50,000, an increase over the previous year is still an increase.

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ASSASSYN 36o4223d ago

You fools must read like 10% of what I type or something. I said other issues. WTF do you people think that is referring too? RROD, e74...etc. And Japan has it's own debt to pay. Which surpasses any amount of the U.S. debt they have acquired to keep the dollar low. So no. They want to push their own domestic products economically without dealing with paying taxes.

All goods entering Japan must clear Customs and are subject to Duty and Consumption Tax. When you want to bring down debt and climb out of a recession you spend money AT HOME and sell internally to stimulate the economy. You raise import taxes. And fight to lower export taxes other countries impose. There the obvious of course which is lacking demand for many American products. It took forever for the iphone to even make a dent in the cell phone market in japan given it's origin, and lacking features. There is your business. That is how MS sees the console war in japan.

anh_duong4223d ago

Why do I bother talking to you about economics. It's quite clear your economics education is pretty limited. I am out. Keep up with your beliefs they will get you far. I am not arguing with you anymore. Wasting my time.

n4gno4223d ago

Darth, you are right, only kotaku trust their own lies :

"2008 was a strong year for the Xbox 360 in Japan"


Guido4223d ago

From Kraptaku - "While the near future looks equally bleak, Microsoft does have an ace up its green sleeve with its Natal motion controller. Initial media reaction in Japan has been positive and if sold and packaged right, Natal could definitely breathe new life into Xbox Japan."

Sorry to break it to ya but no peripheral in the world will save MS and their 360 from the RROD reputation they have created for themselves. Despite the new Natal offering, these retailers will still not offer warrantees or buy backs. MS made this bed, now they can lie in it.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi4224d ago

End of 2009 - xBox 360 = DEAD in Japan

End of 2010 - xBox 360 = DEAD in Europe

End of 2011 - xBox 360 = DEAD in U.S.of.A


-MD-4224d ago

You still post here? Jesus christ you've been here for years do something else with your life.

The real killer4224d ago

You also still here ?

He have a good point about that ;)

It begins in Japan and end in USA :)

Mo0eY4224d ago

Murderdolls got so butthurt over the PS3 Slim announcement last year, he went on a hiatus to find peace, tranquility, and perfect harmony.

He came back with a PS3.

4224d ago
-MD-4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )


The Iron Sheik4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

I agree, the brilliance of Pulp Fiction belongs nowhere near your moronic statements.

Udidntlistenpunk4223d ago

Lmao article mentions how "great" 2008 was for the 360.

YES, ONLY IF YOU COUNT "topping 100k consoles in THREE YEARS" as "GREAT".

Lmao. Little did the xbots realize, back in 2008, that that was actually the 360s PEAK.

Hahaha. Pathetic. Got some news for you bots too. 360 also peaked in Europe and USA.


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LostDjinn4224d ago

"Usotsuki". Until M$ deal with the image they have created in Japan they don't stand a chance.

LostDjinn4224d ago

It means "liar" or "liars".

Shadow Flare4224d ago

liar, liar, console's on fire

LostDjinn4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Shadow that was below the belt. Lets TRY to keep this as M$ friendly as possible shall we. ;)

sikbeta4224d ago

"-that is a LIE, it means da coolezt"


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THE MAX SPEED 214224d ago

faulty hardware. lack of games to please the japanese audience.

What'd ya expected?

better luck next time

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