NHL 08 - New screenshots

Electronic Arts has released a second batch of screenshots as well as the boxart from their upcoming NHL 08 which focus on the games cover-boy Eric Staal...

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PS360PCROCKS4737d ago

Looks really good...I haven't played a hockey game in years I might have to try this out...

Omicronn4737d ago

I agree, this is starting to look great.
Older i get the more i get into sports games.

Great time to be into them with how they are starting to look these days.

Gameplay is key though, hope they focus on it and not just these great graphics.

nhl 05? i think was the one everyone raves about in gameplay.. forgot which one, but hockey forums always rave about one year where gameplay was the best.

PS360PCROCKS4737d ago

Yeah I used to play back a while ago when they had probably horrible gameplay but I was young so I loved it...but than I got to the point where they were too easy to score and win so I gave up on hockey games. So yea I do too hope that they really really make something cool with the gameplay. I remember reading last year about the new animations they added to add to the realism and some other aspects. Guess we'll see what they can build into this new version...I like 2K so I will atleast rent this game.

Omicronn4737d ago

Dabbled with 07 on pc/ps3 (havnt tried 360 version, but im sure the AI is the same)
Anyway, that gameplay where you can always go down the ice with 2 players and do the cross ice pass/goal seems to be the same now for so many years.

Maybe a little harder now compared to old days i noticed in 2k7.. but still easy after you get the timing down.

But im surprised they dont change it a bit since once you got the timing down... its an almost always goal for so many years now.

Same thing with Fifa games (tested on 360 version, prolly same on ps3/pc of course) maybe not Winning 11 series that much since the goalies seem to be more smart compared to old days..

But amazing how that one move always works in both game types.