Nippon Ichi CEO Promises Increased PS3 Support

Nippon Ichi seems to be giving PSP much of its attention, with three of its big early 2010 titles on the way for the portable. But another Sony platform could be seeing major support from the publisher soon.

In commentary shared with the latest Degenki PlayStation, Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Shinkawa said that his company plans on gradually increasing software support for the PlayStation 3 this year. While not sharing specific titles, he said that the studio hopes to make use of new techniques for visuals with the PS3 games.

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Noctis Aftermath4224d ago

I got disgaea 3 the other week, the graphics on par with ps2, and if i want to buy all the DLC i have to shell out $80, $80 for a game that i payed $30 for? seriously wtf.

Chris3994224d ago

It's being sold at a reduced sticker price, we should support budget release games. That way, even if they stick you with DLC costs later, it's not so bad.

GameGambits4224d ago

The DLC for that game is mainly meh anyway. Extras that won't really enhance the overall game you paid for. It's kind of like Capcom and their, "give me money for costumes" with SF4...most sane people won't, but some fans are hardcore enough that they can't help themselves.

Plus that DLC came out spread over a big chunk of time, so it pleased fans with their purchase later down the line.

As for more support from them this year that's awesome. As terrible as the reviews for a game like Cross Edge were I found a LOT of enjoyment out of its battle system to bust through the game. By no means would I recommend the game to anyone, even though I found enjoyment in it, but it was one of those games where I wasn't even sure why I was enjoying myself with it, because I could point out SO many flaws lol.

I hope they realize they just need a good art style choice to win most gamers over and not necessarily big budgets for crazy graphics like FF13. Heck I think Persona 4 is a better looking game than most current gen JRPGs, but that's only because the art style and use of colors was amazing.

SilverSlug4224d ago

The DLC they offer isn't that big of a deal. I think they would make more money if they released worthwhile DLC, instead of a bunch of meh stuff for 99 cents.

vhero4223d ago

I love most of NI's games even if most the stuff they release isn't their own.

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Fulensenca4223d ago

But they absolutely need a new graphics engine.

SilverSlug4223d ago

Though I would not mind HD hand drawn side scrolling stuff.

I would love it, in fact...

mjolliffe4223d ago

It's great news for the PS3! :D