A New Year's Message From Square Enix's President

Kotaku: To kick off 2010, Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has issued a public statement outlining the publishers corporate goals as they head into the new year. And that goal is? "Taking Root".

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Noctis Aftermath4221d ago

Damn, and here i thought he was going to give us all a present by announcing his retirement.

kratos1234221d ago

we can all dream
i clicked on this story thinking he was quiting
if anybody should be fired its this guy man hes annoying he screwed up me favourite devolper wada a trully hate you

Marceles4221d ago

"Yoichi Wada resigns as Square Enix President, Sakaguchi steps in, leaves Mistwalker"

*wakes up from dream* :(

sikbeta4221d ago

Is just a matter of time....

Darth Vader4221d ago

And that goal is? "Taking Our Money".

Bring back Hironobu Sakaguchi, change the name back to Squaresoft, and start creating some good original games again. We're never going to see a game as great as Vagrant Story, Xenogears, or Chrono Cross thanks to this guy's foolishness.

Chris3994221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

-Chrono Cart DS
-Leona Lewis and Lightning Sing Along (Wii)
-Xenogears of War (360 exclusive, as stated in numerous press releases and interviews, made to capture the "power" of the system... Later ported to the PS3.)

SE have become a bit of a joke this gen. FFXIII I'll be buying only on account of it being my Modern Warfare. Star Ocean: International, because the 360 version was a mess and I still have a guide that I ordered off of Amazon to make use of. And Nier I'll get, as I like Cavia (the developers). Other than that, and a few PSP tiles I have a sick infatuation with (Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy again) not much.

Every one of those purchases will make me a little disgusted with myself :P

ScubaSteve14221d ago

you do know Wada was the president during Square Soft also

Bodyboarder_VGamer4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

That's true ScubaSteve1... Let's google him anyway.

Chris3994221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

During which, the company was struggling with the Square Enix merger and the massive failure (that I really liked, nonetheless) that was "Spirits Within".

He was not onboard for ANY of the creative masterpieces - FF VII, Vagrant Story - that we all wax nostalgia for. In fact, I believe that a great deal of the consumer loyalty towards Square is born of the trove of quality titles that the company USED to create; not what they embody presently.

If you ask me Wada is an opportunist and a businessman, who cares little, if anything, for gaming as an art-form or hobby. Perhaps that's exactly the type of personality is best suited to being CEO, but he comes across as a duplicitous as$hole.

His IGN bio is here, in case you want to fact-check my claims:

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Feral Gamer4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

I wish their goal would be to stop milking Final Fantasy and releasing horrible spin off games for the DS, PSP, PSN and XBLA. SE is driving themselves into the ground in a hurry.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4221d ago

'Backing the xBox 360 last year has lost us SOOOOOOOOOO much Money'

'SONY forgive us, we Fecked-UP!!!' ;-D

zanzibarlegend4221d ago

just give me the following:

a) KH game on current gen console.
b)FF7 remake, you didn't give PS3 owners a dang RPG in the beginning, its time for us to get our "thank you" fans want it, press want it. sure the FF7 haters don't, but who cares.... there are more who like it than hate it.
c) release FF13Vs in a timely manner
d) go back to being SquareSoft, ya know actually putting out quality games. IU & TLR were a waste of time and money.

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