80° - Guild Wars 2 Preview

"[...] the next title in the western division of NCSoft aims to expand in both height and width thanks to a series of innovations more or less radical, with the aim of becoming a true giant in the MMORPG.
Only time, however, we will confirm this either way, meanwhile, we can do is remember to stay tuned to these pages for any news about Guild Wars 2 and its beta, which will be staged, as mentioned in the course of 2010."

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3668d ago
toaster3667d ago

The games are very fun and have a deep and engaging PvP. I played mostly for PvP but had one character for PvE and boss drops.

Guild Wars 2 might just be the next big MMO release that actually delivers.

vhero3667d ago

I cant wait for GW2 loved the first one and played it to death hen first launched bought all but 1 expansion too before i stopped playing.

SuperStrokey11233667d ago

I put in way too much time into the first 4 games.

Hope this one makes me waste even more lol. Games looks fantastic so far. Once i get more details ill be happy.

divideby03667d ago

I just recently purchased the GuildWars Trilogy for 15 bucks new at BB.
I wasnt expecting much for 15 bucks, but I am now a fan of the game..I havent even finished the first game and looking forward to the others and of course one buy for me.
I tried but now refuse to pay monthly fees for games

3667d ago
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