Famitsu Survey: PS3 Slim Announcement Is The Biggest News of 2009

The year 2009 just ended so what's the biggest gaming news in Japan? Weekly Famitsu turn to its readers (who contributed 224 valid votes) and retail network (76 valid votes) to look for the answer. The PlayStation platforms appears to be dominating the headlines last year according to the voting with four PS3 news and a couple of PSP news in the Top 10. Despite the widespread rumors surrounding it, PS3 Slim announcement at gamescom is the overwhelming winner. The ¥29,980 new price announced at the same time is the biggest factor why both readers and retailers pick this as their top news of the year.

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DAVID BRENT4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

did the announcement cause a good impact like whoopee more wii like games or was it a impact where japan were thinking whats the point we dont buy 360s? good to see sony computer entertainment and ps3 holding 4th and 5th spots as MVP

toaster4222d ago

Well the PS3 Slim changed the way people see the PS3. Remember when the PS3 first released? Those freaky ads with the dolls and babies and stuff.. lol. Now the PS3 doesn't look like a black beast and fits into people's living rooms nicely.

The PSPGo was a complete failure. Too bad though, because I thought the design and look is way cool. Still doesn't compare to Nintendo though. They have an iron grip on the Handheld market.

Project Natal is a big step forward for Microsoft so I can see why it would make the list. Proves that there ARE people with 360's in Japan. lol.

siyrobbo4222d ago

In my opinion, the ps3 slim isnt really slim, just slimmer. I fully expect sony to come along with another, properly slim console in a year or two, much more inline with the difference between the phat and slim PS2's

MS has been trying to emulate the success of the PS2 since the 360's inception, so i expect a slim XBOX 360 sometime soon

Lifendz4222d ago

Think about all the talk of "Sony must drop that price" before the price drop. 1up had Sony packing up and going out of business because things were so bad. Nevermind how well Sony was selling considering it's price worldwide. After the price drop and a GREAT ad campaign Sony did great November and presumably December numbers. Larger install base can only mean a larger attach rate.

sikbeta4222d ago

Is the PS3 Slim + $300 price point

Sony have to be proud, PS3 is the only Console with a HIGH price that is Really Competitive and is outselling the other HD console

rockleex4222d ago

He didn't even need to release a game in 2009 to be voted as #1 developer for 2009.

"1. Hideo Kojima (Konami, 35 votes)"

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Feral Gamer4222d ago

Wouldn't it be the "slimmest" news? After all, the PS3 isn't as big...

Feral Gamer4222d ago

Why the disagrees? I meant slimmest news in reference to ps3 slim. It isn't as big because now it is slim. I wasn't dissing the ps3 just making a joke for christ's sake. 5 disagrees and I bet you didn't catch the joke. You have to read into things not always take at face value.

mfwahwah4222d ago


Welcome to N4G. Get used to the Disagrees.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4222d ago

YEP!!! ;) And 2010 will be EVEN BETTER!!! ;-P

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

4point7BillionLoss4222d ago

$4.7 Billion loss is a real achievement ... it's 4.7 times MORE than M$ shelled out for RROD ....

Did you get your teeth whitened yet you smelly droids?

4222d ago
4point7BillionLoss4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

if you just brushed your teeth a few times, you wouldn't need all the teeth whitening treatments that N4G is advertising for all you yellow teeth droids ....

News for PS3 bloggers ... now run along and get your teeth whitened you stupid droids .....

Sony were going to give free teeth whitening kits with every PS3 but they spent the $4.7 billion budget on a stupid Dildo wand called Gem

OmarJA-N4G4222d ago

4point7BillionLoss is an example of a retarded bot.

Pumbli4222d ago

OmarJA-N4G - I agree, poor guy, this happens when you close a person off from the world for 10 years and then allow him to post N4G.

My theory doesn't add up though, to be locked away for 10 years you need to be more then 10 years old, which 4point7BillionLoss clearly isn't.

TheTeam064222d ago

Check it out:

Microsoft in 2005:

Microsoft in 2008:

Microsoft in early 09:

Microsoft in mid 09:

Microsoft in late 09: http://globalvoicesonline.o...

Count that up.

4point7BillionLoss4221d ago

none of those losses are realted to Xbox division.

Howver $4.7 Billion Loss by sony is purely from the PS3.

Did you get your teeth whitened yes you stpid droid

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Jamescagney4222d ago

'Weekly Famitsu turn to its readers (who contributed 224 valid votes) and retail network (76 valid votes)'

Wow, that's a massive survey.

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