New Pictures of 2nd GPU HeatSink on Xbox 360

Ikari= sent Xbox-Scene these pictures of his Xbox360 he just got back from repair (after RoD problem) ... another confirmation of the new 2nd heatsink/pipe technology Xbox-Scene talked about yesterday that Microsoft installs to provide additional cooling for the Xenos GPU. For now it's unknown if Microsoft just installs this new dual-heatsink technology to repaired Xbox360s or also in new units.

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Diselage4740d ago

Kinda a little late but i guess better late than never. Hopefully this will put an end to the problem

ITR4740d ago

MS finally listens and installs liquid cooling in the 360!

ItsDubC4740d ago

If this does indeed fix the problem and MS puts this in every new 360 produced, I may have a 360 before the year's end.

nobizlikesnowbiz4740d ago

Lol. I hear you. But you probably would never have a problem with your 360 as long as you treat it fine. Just a decent spot, with good airflow, and don't kick it or play hopscotch right next to it while it playing and you should be golden...

I dont know how people have gone through multiple Xbox's. Just seems crazy to me. I know at least a dozen people personally who own a 360 and never had any problems. Only the disc scratching, and that happens when they are morons and knock their console around while its playing.

Wargasm4740d ago

man i have always wondered if it was only the morons (or their moronic friends) who did all of the actual disk scratching or if there was actually a problem.

THINK ABOUT IT WITH ME FOR A SEC: because of the laws of physics, something in motion will continue until another force counteracts it

A spinning dvd acts like a Gyroscope and will resist change to its orientation to the ground. this will make the whole disk bend to make contact with parts of the tray.

dantesparda4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

That's funny, thats why no other consoles except for the 360 has that problem right? Also, if anybody thinks that this ghetto a$$ yankee fix is going to fix anything, they really dont know how heatsinks and fans work. The damn thing is bolted on the other heatsink! The fix is a joke. They need to really fix the problem! and not bust these bullsh!t @ss fixes, it is just a badly constructed machine

And people, having to baby your machine, and treat it with so much care, and having to have such perfect room conditions for your system, shows that the consoles is incredibly fragile, which is just completely and utterly ridiculous! Your fanboyism blinds you, the system has some fatal flaws, but you's will all see with time. i say, not one 360 makes it past 2 years and then you's better hope you have some sort of warranty. otherwise, prepare to pay

PS360PCROCKS4740d ago

Well kind of sad to do this a year and a half later but nonetheless fixing your problems is never a bad thing...

TruthHurts4740d ago

fixing problems is a good thing.

but about 10 million people (me included got screwed over)
that sucks.

Wargasm4740d ago

but the Lie is laughable

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The story is too old to be commented.