New Gran Turismo 5 Leak and Trailer From Asia Game Show

There have been emerged new Gran Turismo 5 videos from Asia Game Show, including the latest trailer, showing Rome and Madrid, NASCAR and WRC.

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Bungie4224d ago

no more delays

i want this game now :(

Noctis Aftermath4224d ago

What delays?

OT, i can't wait for this to come out, i want it now!

LiL T4224d ago

1. Noctis is right there hasn't been any delays yet.
2. Why are you waiting for this game, you can't play it on your 360
on topic- I am still amazed that even with all these off screen vids the game looks better than any other console racer out there. Just imagine when we get HD vids (or the game itself ) people are gonna have to buy mops for all the mouth watering and in some cases the crying.
GT5 is the definition of definitive console sim.

Marcelles254224d ago

some people own more than one console

on-topic this game looks really good so far the one thing i have a problem with would have to be the state of the controls and how the cars drive, i played the time trial demo thing and didnt really like the controls for the car but you never know because that was just one car out of 1000

zeeshan4224d ago

Really? I mean REALLY? You can't wait? If you really do want to play it, buy a PS3 first dude!!!

LiL T4224d ago

Yes "SOME" people do. Now I am off to play the MAG beta.

sikbeta4224d ago

Do yourself a favor and SHUT UP, there wasn't any Delay

Kazuroni Yamauchi said that the game could be out if HE and PD WANT

Delusional way to believe what you only want to believe

thereapersson4224d ago

I give you credit for being the biggest passive aggressive / stealth troll on this site, at least... :)

gaffyh4224d ago

WOW, they really are trying to make it definitive. Also, damnit, now I need to buy a wheel because it looks so much more fun than using the controllers :(

LiL T4223d ago

The wheel makes any racing game awsome. I just got the G27 for christmas and it just feels right. I am not that much faster with it yet but just need the practice but I will never use the controller again for a racing game. My tuned car times are pretty sad...1:39:997 with controller and 1:39:677 with the wheel forget abou my regular car times they are laughable.

bjornbear4223d ago

the definitive racing game of the generation =O that vid impressed.

The gaming GOD4223d ago

be delayed?

But then again, this IS N4G. The land of wannabe stealth trolls

Death24944223d ago

Bungie said he wanted the game. Besides he's not entirely wrong.Back in November Yamauchi said they could release the game anytime they want so everyone thought it was going to launch last year December. Now i have to buy GOW3 and GT5 in the same month.

Pandemic4223d ago

NASCAR Racing should be fun, especially with the damage feature on cars.


menoyou4223d ago

This game looks AMAZING. Seeing someone who is good play with the steering-wheel makes this game look 100x funner. Wow, I may have to buy that wheel!

Saaking4223d ago

The game has not been delayed becuase something that LACKS a release date cannot in any way be pushed back. GT5 never had a release date therefore it has never been "delayed".

DERKADER4223d ago

I can understand how 5 years of development time might look like a delay. I just hope the time trial was extremely dumbed down graphically because i was really impressed by the handling but it looks just like GT5P.

aaron58294223d ago

The demo was set with "Professional" physics... which means.. you need a wheel to feel how the car controls...

For god's sakes.... if you wanna complain about GT's controls... get a wheel, try it out first...

If you complain the controls are bad, and "Does not feel like a real car" well... it WILL NEVER FEEL like a real car without a wheel in your hands especially the game is set at PROFESSIONAL 'physics'

Jeeez !

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krackchap4224d ago

Awesome...or shd i say Definitive!

pixelsword4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Before a game arrives, undue praise can easily become hype. When a game is finished, then the accuracy of such praise can be assessed.

Anything's possible, so I don't put my faith in any developer; although I must say that PD historically always were the ones to beat.

I'm thinking about buying a wheel or a "rig" to play this, but I really hate clunks stuff; maybe just the wheel.


the trailer was SICK !! Even with the bad quality vid...this game will own ! can't wait.

Agent Smith4224d ago

Do you hear that Turn 10? That is the sound of inevitability.

mcnablejr4223d ago

forza 4 will be out soon after *giggles*

Killjoy30004223d ago

Awesome Matrix quote. I wish a fourth film would come out, but after Ninja Assassin, I now have doubts that the Wakowski brothers can deliver a film as great as the original matrix. I bet if they made the attempt, it'd be about as pitiful a cash-in as Halo ODLC.

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cygnuszero4223d ago

Forza 2 and 3 are both better than any GT game ive ever played, that includes Prologue and the PSN time trial demo.

You can pretend all day that GT is still the king of console racers, but if you check the reviews of Forza 3, you'll quickly learn that it's clearly not.

Ill still buy GT5, but the franchise is a dinosaur. Every game is the same as the one before with better graphics, that's not good enough. At least Turn 10 is hungry and is willing to try new things, and it has actually worked out quite well.

PopEmUp4223d ago

basically you just love arcade racing game and forza is one of them :P

DevastationEve4223d ago

I play Forza Motorsport 3 regularly with the guys at work, they all agree that Gran Turismo isn't nearly as fresh and innovative as Forza. They all compliment it mostly on how complete it is an online game and as a racing simulation.

But there's something that all fans should consider, and that's that these games are missing TWO KEY ELEMENTS in racing.

Air. And fuel.

Neither game can REALLY be called a "definitive sim" unless you can really say that there's air in the world, and that there's fuel in the engine.

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RedDragan4224d ago

I think it will be the biggest selling game of 2010, but will it get GOTY 2010?

It has a strong chance... Really looking forward to this!

sagapo4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

GOTY will be Mafia 2 on PC, mark my words!

mfwahwah4223d ago

With games like Heavy Rain and God of War 3 (not to mention a TON of others), I don't really see Gran Turismo getting GotY.

GotY means absolutely nothing to me, though, so I don't really care.

cygnuszero4223d ago

Good luck outselling Halo Reach. Its just not happening. That game will probably have more preorders than total GT5 sales this year. You can bet on that one.