Microsoft Research patents controller-free computer input via EMG muscle sensors

Microsoft is connecting EMG sensors to arm muscles and then detecting finger gestures based on the muscle movement picked up by those sensors. It does away for the need of a pesky camera (or Power Glove) to read complicated hand gestures, and can even sense modified versions of the gestures to be performed while your hands are full. Microsoft's developing a wireless EMG sensor module that could be placed all over the body, and while like all Microsoft Research projects this seems pretty far from market, there's a small, optimistic part of us that could see some of the benefits here for controlling mobile devices. And boy do we love controlling mobile devices.

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D4RkNIKON4221d ago

I remember when hiphopgamer mentioned that he had seen this. Looks pretty cool if you combine it with natal to create real precision accuracy.

Microsoft Xbox 3604221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Precision and Natal? LOL

Raf1k14221d ago

Yep this and Natal could be cool but this isn't exactly controller-less interaction which is what Natal is all about.

Also, 'does away for the need of a pesky camera (or Power Glove)' but then it says 'sensor module that could be placed all over the body'. What's up with that? No need for camera or power glove is great but then they want to replace it with what sounds like a power body suit.

I'm personally not too keen on this for personal use at home. This seems more suited to industrial use with robotic arms where it's too dangerous for a human to be working (e.g. bomb disposal).

Bigpappy4221d ago

Should work nicely with Natal

mfwahwah4221d ago


They showed two good examples of real world applications. Jogging and changing music on an MP3 player, and opening a car's trunk when your hands are full. You can use your own imagination for what else is possible.

ThanatosDMC4221d ago

Natal's first accessory? Then there's Natal Fit then more and more...

Oh well, at least we can become Jedis and move objects with our hand gestures.

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gotgame19854221d ago

i was just about to mentioned the hiphop gammer well i guess people caN STOP HATING AND GIVE THAT MAN HIS credit.

Xi4221d ago

Which is run by the guy who did the wii head-tracking, and is now working for microsoft on natal.

Marty83704221d ago

Epic fail,written all over this.

DelbertGrady4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Nice to see MS moving things forward. I wonder if we will see something similar to the GH thing on Natal? Not identical, of course, since I don't see them releasing Natal with a bunch of EMG sensors, but maybe a different twist on it.

morganfell4220d ago

Then you must be new here because before they disappeared they were so regular here that members asked if VGChartz and N4G were both owned by the same company.

SilverSlug4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

I thought it was stupid when Hip Hop Gamer said he say it, I was like 'NO way MS would do it", guess I was wrong and HHG was right.

Props to HHG.

I like this as a 'everyday object' to control everything from alarms, tvs etc more than I do for gaming. Even MP3 players .

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