Japanese Developers Talk New Consoles

Leading developers in Japan have been offering their opinions on Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the new issue of Famitsu. Next-gen.biz has posted some of the highlights.

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MoonDust6562d ago

I could have said all that but you don't see me on the multi. platform new, do? DO YOU! lol :)

OutLaw6562d ago

Alot of mix feelings about all three consoles from developers. But one thing that caught my attention was how Kouji Okada President of GAIA said that too many developers will be confused about motion controls and they will be flooded with gimmicks. To me he considers that technology to be a gimmick like alot of people have been stating.

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achira6562d ago

Outlaw i think what you say is not true. the only one who say always something negative are you and some other xbox fans.

OutLaw6562d ago

Well thats your opinion and trust me I respect it. I don't hate Sony from at all. I just don't like how they are going about business this time around. So I say something about them and automaticlly I'm a XRAT, XBUG or anything you guys could come up with. Read my postings. I never insulted anybody first for their opinions. But I do defend myself when attact. So thats just the way it is and you could believe what you want.

Ugly American6562d ago

Achira, he was replying to a post that from literally out of nowhere started labeling people Xbugs. That whole thing is retarded, and notice that his post is no longer readable. SSJ 04 is always starting flame wars.

DG6562d ago

This is why I like hearing from GD's. Its like asking a real musician what music he likes. Unbiased oppinion with no fanboy bs included. Bottom line is each console has its guns loaded with pretty good ammo. Just play the games and have fun.