Crysis - hands-on

This is not Far Cry. The nanosuit your character wears in this spiritual successor turns you into a full-blown superhero, and it renders you near-unstoppable.

That means they've had to make your task exponentially harder to compensate, of course. This time you're taking on whole armies, fleets of vehicles, aliens the size of volcanoes and stranger things still. The resulting conflict is action of a higher order of magnitude. Every ten seconds something explodes, and a Crysis explosion is a hell of a thing to see.

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Diselage4740d ago

First step is to get a mega machine to run this and then buy the game. I know graphics don't make the game but they are still nice.

zonetrooper54740d ago

This game looks sick to be honest, the graphics blow the PS3 and Xbox 360 out of th water. But this is expected as its an PC game. If you want to run this game on Ultra High settings then you need to get:

Intel Dual Core 2 Processor
2GB ram
Geforce 8800GTS

Just wait a little longer, some of the stuff should come down in price.

PS360PCROCKS4740d ago

I have a Pentium D and I can throw in another gig of ram, but how much does the graphics cards run? I have NEVER put anything like that in my PC but this games makes me want to play my PC. Oh and does anyone know if this game will be done in HD? I'd like to run it in HD from my PC to my TV

hellraiser5014740d ago

the 8800 can be bought at for 289.99

VirusE4740d ago

Intel Dual Core 2 Processor
2GB ram
Geforce 8800GTS

That seems kinda lite for ultra high settings. What res is that at? 1024x768. At 1080p or 1920x1200 i would think that game would choke hard with graphics of that level. They say the game supports 8 procs, which leads me to believe that a core 2 duo isnt going to cut the mustard. It took over a year for pcs to catch up to the specs needed to run oblivion at full blast. The graphics are astonishing it will take a beast to run it in my opinion. Then again i could be wrong and hope i am since i have a core 2 duo e6600 with an geforce 8800gts.