DDGW: PSN's Best downloadable games of 2009 for the Playstation 3

Playstation Channel Editor for DDGW (Digital Download Game World), Mike Gardash, has posted his review of the best Digital Downloads that came out for the Playstation 3 in 2009. Making the top cut was 'Flower' for "best overall experience." Other notable mentions include 'Fat Princess', 'NHL 3 on 3 Arcade', and Battlefield 1943.

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JL4224d ago

Boy am I about to get flamed...

First off, Noby Noby Boy is complete and utter sh*t. How I got sucked into the hype of it and ventured to download it and give it a shot, I'll never know. But it was a waste of money (even if it was only a couple dollars or 5 or whatever it was at the time). How that game gets such praise is beyond me. Plain and simple: it sucks. On that note, played the demo for Katamari Forever as well and that game, while not as bad as Noby Noby Boy was pretty much crap as well. Fairly mundane and stupid. Never will I play a game by Takahashi again (yes, I looked up his name just so I could add him to my black-list).

Going on, Flower.....pretty game. Very 'poetic' and soothing and just all around beautiful. Still haven't finished it though (even though evidently it's pretty damn short--though I'm sure I will one day). However, this game also is overhyped. People praise it like it's a revolutionary title and one of the greatest downloadable games ever. Just not true. Not even sure it can call itself a game. Now I'm not trying to completely bash it, it's fun when you want something different, and it's a soothing kind of 'experience' and beautiful. It's not all that though. And can get kinda boring quickly and repetitive (hence the reason I never finished it--it served more as something new to try in between games when going through a dry spell). I still enjoy it...really and truly, just don't think it should be considered one of the greatest. Not when you have so much better on PSN.

Pain? Yea that gets boring after about 15 minutes.

Battlefield was fun (tried it at a friend's) but nothing that compelled me to buy it myself (or even download it for free onto my system through game sharing). That's probably just cause that's not really my thing really.

Did enjoy Fat Princess though (and Flower like I mentioned before--think it should've also got art award over Fat Princess), Rag Doll Kung Fu wasn't that great at all either (glad it was free), Zombie Apocalypse is pretty fun.

I really really need to get around to getting Shooter, Braid and Shatter sometime too though. Those three games do look fun and definitely like to give them a try sometime (when I get all the games I have now cleared out). Think I might even like to get Trash Panic too. The demo was pretty fun. Nice lil take on Tetris. Don't think that game gets enough praise, it just seemed to go virtually unnoticed from what I saw. I rather enjoyed the demo though.

Also, no Trine love?

hay4224d ago

Flower is fantastic title, but that's a matter of preferences. I play it once or twice a week before going to bed. It sets me in really calm and reflective mood, perfect for taking on various problems and relaxing.
But as I wrote. It's a matter of preferences. It's barely a game for you, more than one for me.

Wh15ky4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

It is a matter of preference and I prefer to play something else.

I'm assuming Hustle Kings was released too late to be considered because it is without doubt my favourite PSN game of the year second only to Wipeout as favourite PSN game to date.
The game has so many modes and those shiny balls are just gorgeous. At £6.29 it is fantastic value. Only downside is no voice chat when playing online, hopefully this can be remedied with a patch.

Poxxer4223d ago

Thanks for the comments guys. It was a very tough decision between Flower and Fat Princess. Both games are great, but in the end I think Flower really pushed what can be offered uniquely on the digital download format. It really picks up pace after the third level and the sixth level makes the entire journey so worthwhile. I've said too much.

BTW if there was an award for best credits, it would have been Flower as well. Although Noby Noby Boy's ability to eat the words was also cool.

I do recommend picking up Shooter, Braid,and Shatter when you can. I think I wanted to like Trash Panic more than I ended up liking it. The concept of Tetris with garbage is great, but the game just didn't grab me. It did make me want to download Tetris though.