Duality ZF: Bullet Hell with Friends

Indie Arcade writes:

"Matthew Doucette of Xona games recently shot us new details about Duality ZF, an intense, co-op retro shmup. Yep, it's bullet hell. But if I'm immersing myself in that kind of hell, I'd want nothing more than to drag three of my buddies along.

During the 2009 Dream Build Play competition, Duality ZF placed 7th in the world, among 350 entrants spread across 100 countries. That alone speaks volumes, and the two man studio is hoping to use this leverage as well as the game's frantic multiplayer to secure an Xbox Live Arcade contract. A PC release is all but a given."

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shadowdancer4231d ago

How would the multidirectional controls work, like a twin stick shooter?

4230d ago
Matthew Doucette4230d ago

Hey, I'm on of the developers behind Duality ZF. Our "Multidirectional" control mode works just like any typical dual-stick / twin-stick / multi-directional shooter, the left thumbstick controls the fighter and the right thumbstick controls the shot and shot direction.

I should note that "Multidirectional" is an unlockable control mode, and we actually have five of them: Solo Play, Dual Play, Multidirectional, G-Mode, and Multi-G.

Solo Play is regular play, controlling one fighter and press a button to shoot straight upwards.

The rest unlock:

Dual Play is controlling two fighters at the same time! :)

Multidirectional I just explained.

G-Mode is a homage to Galaga, where two fighters are locked together and work like Solo Play.

Multi-G is the ultimate in firepower, it is G-Mode and Multidirectional combined.

Each of these modes have their own online scoreboards, for those the true fans who will want to dominate the game using any of them.

And each of these modes can be played with 4 players.

It's insane, really, even though I'm the developer I still think so.

I'm not sure if I have email notification on here, but I'll answer any questions you have!

Matthew Doucette, Xona Games

killyourfm4230d ago

Whoa, neat, thanks for stopping by Matthew! Multi-G

CrAppleton4230d ago

Sounds amazing! I can't wait to try it out!

CrAppleton4230d ago

Multidirectional FTW! This looks like it would be pretty damn fun! I can't believe I haven't heard about this sooner

Matthew Doucette4223d ago

Thanks, we'll do our best to spread the word around from now until it's released!

4229d ago