Bright Hub: Borderlands Review

Bright Hub writes: "Anywhere you look right now, you'll see ads and commercials for Borderlands the game. From TV to the web to gamer magazines, it's splashed everywhere. Normally, this makes me think, ok, this game probably sucks then. But, low and behold - Borderlands rocks to the core in my opinion. Here is all that you'll need to know about this spooky, scary, gory, FPS, slasher for the Xbox 360/PS3/PC before you run to your local store and buy it... and trust me, you'll want to buy it."

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GamerPS3604221d ago

This game is such a fun to play with friends.

fOrlOnhOpe574221d ago

Bought this as a trade-in and didnt know if I would enjoy it. More a FPS gamer and not a big fan of RPGs with all the constant jumping in and out of menus.
This, however, jumps easily into my top three of 2009 that I've played on my PS3. Killzone 2, Uncharted2 and Borderlands have really made my gaming year. Borderlands will surely be a highly successful franchise . Nice one Gearbox.

4221d ago