Top 5 FPS of All Time

Which games deserve to be considered the Top 5 FPS Games of All Time? Considering the popularity and the reach of the genre across every platform it would be no easy task to decide on the 5 that had the most influence. However, this article did just that.

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-Alpha5285d ago (Edited 5285d ago )

Though I've never shamefully played Half Life, it seems deserving of the #1 spot based on how people treat the game.

From what I have played my list would be something like this:

1) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
2) Halo: Combat Evolved
3) Killzone 2

Unfortunately I haven't played too many FPS'es and was only introduced to the genre with Halo CE. I absolutely loved Call of Duty 4. Halo is pretty much tied with CoD4 and the only reason I gave #1 to CoD4 was because I haven't played Halo in a LONG time. Killzone 2 is a pretty great shooter, though I didn't find myself as addicted and thrilled as I did with Halo and CoD4.

I really wish I had the chance to play Counter-Strike, Half-Life series, and Perfect Dark/Golden Eye (when it came out, the game is atrocious today). It would totally change my perspective on FPS based on what I constantly hear about those games, but I guess I fall under the "ignorant" FPS fanbase.

shutupandplay5285d ago

Pick up the orange box, that sh*t is like 20 bucks now. Don`t deny yourself Half-Life 2.

thereapersson5285d ago

I bought the Orange Box on Steam last week for $14.59. Best deal ever, especially because it comes with Episodes 1 & 2 + the Lost Coast.

DAVID BRENT5285d ago

goldeneye should be number one, ive never known a game that started so many new trends that other games still have to follow to this day, and goldeneye was definitely the first shooter to nail multiplayer

Digitaldude5285d ago

Halo should be. Halo is responsible for console shooters. Halo 1 was revolutionary. Halo 2 brought online and Halo 3 and ODST drops the ball.
Ditto at Golden Eye.

Viper75285d ago

My list would be something like

1. Doom
Revolutionized fps genre, 1st fps with online(comp and co-op) and possibly the first fps game to introduce mods. Not to mention the games steps to make games more mature with its violent and heavily unholy theme which was something really rare at the time. These are of course not the only things it did for fps gaming, the list is way longer than any other fps game (aside from wolfenstein) could ever consider to achieve. Not to mention people still play/mod/edit it.

2. System Shock2 or Deus Ex
The probably best examples on games which revolutionized fps genre by making the fps games something more than just blasting your way trough the game. Also the fact that the games gave player chance to play the way the gamer wanted with rpg elements. Deus ex was also one of the firsts to introduce "choices" (in fps games) that had small affect on the game play and plot.

3. Half life (mainly because of the CS boom)
Not familiar with the game but much of half lifes affect probably comes from solid implementation of gameplay, graphics and plot. The courtier strike however seemed to revolutionize and make online fps games a lot more popular than they where.

4. Golden eye or Timesplitters or Halo
This one would be pretty hard as golden eye had far limited availability due to it being on N64. But as for first great console fps games it has to be one of these. But which one is hard to judge when considering age, popularity and ofcourse the game.

5th would be very hard, Call of duty 4 modern warfare did much for online gaming for this console era.
Quake and Unreal are very fitting names for that place as well.
Battlefield would also be very strong name to take the 5th place.
Medal of honor (psx) would also be very good pick for what it did for fps games on playstation.

AuToFiRE5285d ago

halo really shouldnt be on there, it should be replaced with goldeneye or perfect dark, those were the real defining games that made the shooter genre as popular as it is today

Major_Tom5285d ago

Lol, replace Halo with Goldeneye.

likedamaster5285d ago

Those who didn't play these games at time of release will never know the impact these games had on gamers at the time. They are genuinely the best FPS's ever.

raptorjacob5285d ago

that is what i thought. Goldeneye was the best. Although i would say perfect dark was up there too, i liked its multiplayer better.

vhero5285d ago

Halo over counter strike?? sorry but I know it started off as a mod but it has been rated as the most successful mod ever created. More people have played CS than any other FPS that's a FACT. Mod or not... Half life 2 should DEFINETLY not be on that list either. especially over the first game. Doom and quake deserve to be there and where the hell is the DUKE?????!?!?!?!

bacon135285d ago

Yea, I agree Halo is nothing special. I've played all of the Halos and they are very forgettable games. I can agree with the fact that they helped cement online console gaming into our homes but, everytime I played a Halo game I came away unfulfilled so to speak. Eh, to each his own.

ico925285d ago

why golden eye isnt there is beyond me

-Alpha5285d ago

Halo wont be forgotten, nor is it forgotten. It will be remembered as the first main stream FPS on consoles that made online gaming so fun and competitive.

Though, Halo CE did not have online play for Xbox if I remember correctly.

Also, slightly related but random notice: My Killzone 2 WONT PLAY ANY FORM OF SOUND! From the beginning video to the menus, to the actual game, there is absolutely NO SOUND! It's not my PS3 because Demon Soul's has sound, and it's not my sound set up. Not sure what's wrong with it, but I can't play the game without sound.

I felt like playing it after this, but I can't. Anyone know what's up?

GamerSciz5285d ago

Perfect Dark and Goldeneye were made by the same company. Some maps, I.E. the Complex and a few others were pretty much exactly the same just with different textures. To say one is better than the other is saying it's better than itself.

Shepherd 2145285d ago (Edited 5285d ago )

Not only did Halo make controls on a console work very well, but Halo 2 revolutionized online gaming. Halo 2 created the lobby system that many games use now like COD, and it proved the strength of an online community.

Halo also brought regenerating health to the FPS and created the system where you can only carry two weapons at a time, which forces you to choose and think a bit more.

Goldeneye was great but its controls were very hard to work with on the N64 controller and it was a bit ridiculous that you could carry like 100 guns at a time.

Kornholic5285d ago (Edited 5285d ago )

What is this bull**** Im hearing about Halo "making fps on consoles work". WHAT? Outrageous. So everybody forgot the first Medal of Honor on the original Playstation or Alien Resurrection? The list goes on... Halo wouldnt've achieved anything if it wasnt for that huge hype it had behind it. What it turned out to be was a sluggish fps with a silly plot, only a decent game.

reaferfore205285d ago

You could use two n64 controllers at once so you had both analog sticks when playing goldeneye. This was the only way I'd play the game unless we were playing more than 2 player multi.

My list: 1. Wolfenstein - It was the first FPS and started it all.
2. Doom - First game to have online play and mods (as stated eatlier)
3. Half Life - Brought us CS, nuff said.
4. Goldeneye - Kicked off the FPS genre on consoles.
5. Halo:CE - Brought vehicles and added to what Goldeneye did for FPS-multiplayer on consoles.

TooTall195285d ago

Perfect Dark is my favorite shooter and KZ2 takes 2nd. It was an absolute blast and offered way more customization than any other game for its time. Heck you could make your mp character a transvestite if you wanted, and it was hilarious.

el zorro5285d ago

I basically agree with the author's list. I don't know exactly which order I would place them in, but I know Half Life 2 and Halo deserve to be at the top.

Government Cheese5285d ago

I personally thought Halo 2 was better than Halo: CE, but still a good list.


Why do you people bash Halo so much by saying that it didnt deserve to be on the list? I smell a whole bunch of bs and hatting here from ps3 fangirls.

IMO Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3 all deserve to be on that list, why?

Halo Combat Evolved opened the doors and set an example of what fine shooter should have and should be. It didnt have online play, but boy i remeber playing LAN with my neighbors and friends, we would get up to 16 players and play for countless hours on Blood Gulch or Hang E'm High!

Halo 2 introduced the online play, and did it to perfection!! I remember that weeks aftet Halo 2 came out, most of my buddies who owned a ps2 got an Xbox just to play Halo 2! After that many didnt even bother to go back to their ps2! Thats insane! Its even more wicked on how after 6+ years of release, many people still play online! Including myself!!!

Halo 3 improved on what Halo 2 did wrong "super jumps, which were really fun" and also improved the graphics from Halo 2. Not only is Halo 3 among the most played games on XBL after 2+ years of release but also one of the games that sold a lot!

So ps3 fangirls, we dont need your dumb comments about Halo not belonging in the list. A real gamer knows that Halo Combat Evolved desereves to be in the top three shooters of all time!

SaberEdge5285d ago (Edited 5285d ago )

Don't mind them Legendary Pelon, it is just a form of jealousy. Everyone that lived through that time period knows that Halo made a HUGE impact on the FPS landscape.

Odin7775285d ago

Why am I instantly branded a "ps3 fangirl" if I don't believe Halo is the greatest fps of all time. Seriously annoying s*** right there.