GameSpot AU: Hifumi Kouno and Atsushi Inaba talk Infinite Space

GameSpot AU writes: "When Platinum Games first signed a four-game deal with Sega in May 2008 no one knew quite what to expect from this bunch of talented developers that once made up a large part of Capcom's successful Clover Studio.

With MadWorld and Bayonetta successfully out of the way, the team's next project will be a DS-exclusive sci-fi role-playing game with a focus on customizable spaceships. Inspired by the science fiction authors Arthur C. Clarke and Greg Egan, Infinite Space will throw players into the middle of a quest to save the universe with the help of over 200 ship designs and a wide variety of ship parts and crew members. The title was created by Platinum Games in collaboration with development studio Nude Maker."

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