SCEA Shoots Down PSP Redesign Rumors

PSP redesign rumors have recently come to a boil, but SCEA continues to deny that any new PSP model is in the pipeline. John Koller, Sr. Marketing Manager for PSP, has "cleared the air," shooting down any and all PSP rumors.

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Sony Should Keep Original PSP Design If It Makes Another Handheld

Avinash from Tech4Gamers writes "If Sony ever decides to re-enter the handheld market, it should stick with the original PSP design for the best results."

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gold_drake2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

yes, the psp and ps3 ui was sooo good

Vits1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

"The PSP’s simple yet intricate layout gave it a timeless structure, offering a unique but comfortable experience."

Yeah, no. There have been huge improvements in the ergonomics of handhelds in the past couple of years. The PSP, especially if we consider the 2000, 3000, and Street PSP models, had a flat back. Saying that this console was comfortable is definitely looking at the past with rose-tinted glasses.

"The analog stick aligns perfectly with the thumb."

It doesn't even have an analog stick; it has a slider.

This is a nostalgia-filled fluff piece that says nothing. If Sony wants to release a new device, they can't make the same mistakes they did with the PSP and the PS Vita. They have to look at what works now in the segment, consider what is available to people, and create something based on that.

Leave the original PSP design for a PSP Mini or something like that.

Goodguy0115h ago

I always liked the vita's design. Just make the analogs clickable, add the triggers, get rid of the back touch, and you're good. The psp is great as well.

There are PC/Android handhelds that have mimicked the psp and vita designs.

Puty14h ago

I'd rather have two sticks, thank you very much ^^;

NotoriousWhiz4h ago

Right. What are these people smoking? It's needs all the buttons / sticks that exist on the PS5 controller.

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PlayStation’s Most Underrated Franchise Is All Playable On PS5

Fans who pine for the days of Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter are in for some good news, as the complete series is now playable on PS5 with trophy support. This isn’t just the trilogy either, as the PSP games and Jak X are also available, so hardcore Jak fans can now relive these great titles.

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isarai5d ago

Underrated? J&D was one of the most popular IPs at the time, quite literally the face of the ps2 beside God of War

Outside_ofthe_Box5d ago

Would love to see a open world Jak 4 on the PS5, would be amazing, but I know ND said they'd never do it.

purple1015d ago (Edited 5d ago )

apparently there is a movie being made. I just cant get my head around what Sony is doing recently,

In regards to cancelling twisted metal game, when they push ahead with series 2 of the tv show, surely she show is meant to promote the game, where the real profits can be made.

Now we hear of a Jan and daxter film, (an old ps2 game) but NO new game to go with it,

mind boggles:

Sony Pictures, PlayStation Productions Releases & In Production:

• TV Shows:

-HBO: The Last Of Us Season 1
-Peacock: Twisted Metal Season 1
-HBO: The Last Of Us Season 2 & 3
-Netflix: Horizon
-Peacock: Twisted Metal Season 2
-Amazon Prime: God Of War
-Disney+: Films/TV Shows
-Hulu: Films/TV Shows

• Movies:

-Gran Turismo
-Ghost Of Tsushima
-Jak And Daxter
-Gravity Rush
-Until Dawn
-Uncharted 2

Master-Tonberry4d ago

I wasn't aware that ND said they'd never do it...

I know they said it would difficult for them to go back to it after doing super high fidelity, gritty, realistic stuff like Last of Us but I didn't think they'd ruled it out completely.

Outside_ofthe_Box4d ago

They didn't say never, but was basically what they said. They actually tried making a new Jak, but what they were making was straying far from it's roots so they canned it. They're just in a different mindset when it comes to developing games compared to when they made Jak.

XiNatsuDragnel4d ago

Jak and dexter is known franchise Sly Cooper was more hidden one tbh.

darthv724d ago

...and he was trying to stay hidden because he was a thievius racoon.

Demetrius4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Seeing jak&d left in the past like that really makes me appreciate nintendo even more for atleast keeping mario, zelda, metroid, and others around while making em still feel fresh, Playstation should have another gem besides astroboy and ratchet&clank

gold_drake4d ago

i wouldnt call jack and daxter underrated.

its a beloved franchise that pretty much was one of the biggest games on the ps2 and psp


Games To Play If You Love Persona

If you're looking for something that will scratch that Persona itch, these games have got you covered!

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jznrpg8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Persona and SMT , duh

Yui_Suzumiya8d ago

Eternights, Noctuary, SMT, Soul Hackers, Tokyo Mirage Sessions