Media Create 2009 Hardware Sales Report

With 2009 now closed, it's time to look at the final figures for Japan in terms of hardware sales.

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MattyF4224d ago

Wii drop from 2008 is massive. Almost 1 million units. Wow. I'm sure sales are still strong here, but that's a big drop. They need something to get the Japanese interested again.

EVILDEAD3604224d ago

It's called Everyone in Japan already owns Wii and it still did mega numbers.

The answer..Wii HD

Saaking4224d ago

Wii is still owning. So much for "just a fad" ey? NSMB is awesome.

mikeslemonade4224d ago

Not everyone owns the Wii. The DS is still selling more and has been it doing it for much longer. PS2 install base is still king over there.

snipermk04224d ago

how come no one is mentioning the 360? Maybe not worth mentioning? :P

darthv724224d ago

Looks like the winners are: ps3, ds and 360.
Losers are: wii, psp and ps2.

JokesOnYou4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Saaking - 31 days 3 hours ago

Ignore1.8 - Who will win the year?
FF XIII.. 'nuff said.

-I remember posts like this and so many others claiming once FFXIII released it would be the game changer, yet just about 2wks after the Mighty FF launch here we are yet again with wii back on top and soon ps3's sales gap over the 360 in Japan shrink back to pre-slim sales margin and with the 360's big year ahead, ps3 sales will likely fall behind again in the US.

-That's just my prediction like this one before:

JokesOnYou - 16 days 21 hours ago

Ignore2.3 - Konichiwa,
I think FF isnt going to be as big as some people think, software sales will be huge to start the first few weeks but I expect a sharp decline soon like every console game has done in Japan this gen, Japanese are more handheld gamers these days, ps3 hardware sales will get a temporary boost but wii will be back on top for quite some time as usual.


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-Who would have thought the biggest most important franchise for the ps3 in Japan would fizzled out so soon? Now I hear "well thats expected for FF in Japan", lol, are you kiddin me? Last gen with the ps2 whenever the latest FF hit Japan it was much bigger sales wise and definitely alot more buzz surrounding the game. Lets just face it, I've said it before Japan is much more handheld oriented and wii lovers(look at NSMB sales still holding strong) ps3 games have seen sustained high volume sales in Japan, I mean 1.5mil is great numbers for any game especially in Japan, so no doubt those numbers would likely decline, but damm all the way to 189k, come on now 189k out of the gate would be phenominal for any other game in Japan but thats just underwhelming for FF's second week sales, if the biggest ps3 console game in Japan can fall so quickly on top of a new slim ps3, price cut and holidays theres is basicly no hope the ps3 will ever overtake the wii consistently this gen.

vvvvvv Bathyj nobody is saying Japan doesn't matter, and yes ps3 will always have a tremendous lead over 360 in Japan, but its not like ps3 will always enjoy the sales gap it has had recently in Japan, not unless you expect sony to release a new-new redesigned ps3 slim+price cut+FF every holiday season.


Mr Bot4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

u really dont need to worry about hardware sales, because ps3 just sold 6 times more in 2009 than 360 in japan and already million plus more in europe and are probably equal to 360 sales in 2009 in USA!!

also u and everyone of ur kind knows who is winning this generation!! its always been the system with the right price and exclusives!! ps3 have plenty with high quality while 360 doesnt even have 1 exclusive in the first quarter!! oh and please dont even think of mentioning mass effect 2 and SP:C because both are on PC and everybody have a PC and i will be getting the Torrent version LOL, i think Razer or RELOADED version will do fine!!!!

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Bathyj4224d ago

So much for Japan doesnt matter. Almost a million and a half lead for the the PS3 in only a year.

Maybe if Japan actually adopts HD systems one day and drops the kiddie stuff that could grow to 2 or 3 million.

zoks3104224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

All that hard work from Sony over the years, trying to grow up gamers, then comes Nintendo with the Wii and knock everybody back into to 1980's gaming.

Nintendo de-volved gaming, casual buyers will buy anything, and the Wii continues to sell because of that market.

akashifire4224d ago

Fanboy can't handle the Wii topping the PS3 in terms of sales? lol

If anything, the Wii expanding the market. Sony and Microsoft realised this and are coming out with their own motion controllers. I don't see how that "de-volved" gaming. In fact, one could argue that without the Wii, the videogame market would be in a worse position now.

zoks3104223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

The only company that the Wii helped was Nintendo, name one 3rd party dev that had sold software on the Wii like Nintendo 1st party dev?

Very few so good luck making that list. Most 3rd party dev gave the Wii a shot and most ended up doing worse on the Wii than they did on the PS2 last gen, that's the reason why Sega and many more devs dropped mature content on the Wii.
So how is the Wii good for the industry when 3rd party devs barley had any luck with it. The Wii have only helped Nintendo and what the PS2, PS1, XB360 did for 3rd party devs the Wii can never do.

If it was up to the Wii alone Nintendo would be the only company in the industry making money, that's the reason why they still charge $199 for a $100 console and why I said they "de-volved" the industry.

akashifire4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Jesse Divinich, who watches the industry for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, believes that “Nintendo Wii and DS software unit and dollar sales will account for over 50 percent of all games sold in December. Without these sales, the industry would have likely felt the full wrath of the recession” before adding, plainly, that “Simply put, Nintendo saved Christmas.”


If it wasn't for the Wii, new gamers would be a few in a sea of hardcore gamers. The PS3 and 360 are consoles designed for the hardcore. The Wii aimed to change all that by targeting casuals. They succeeded, and look at where Sony and Microsoft are heading now.

Nintendo advertises, but many third-party developers on the Wii don't. That's one factor why many of them fail. There are also other factors at play, but the biggest one is the lack of marketing IMO. I don't see how the Wii is at fault for that. Nintendo showed developers a new audience, it's up to developers to learn about that audience and cater for them if they want success on the Wii. If their products aren't selling, then they are obviously doing something wrong.

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TheTeam064224d ago

Japan sure loves their handhelds.

PS2 sales got cut pretty much in half from 2008 to 2009. Still, 2010 actually looks better for the PS2 than 09, if that's even possible.

stealthx4224d ago

The ps2 sales might of been cut in half BUT the ps3 sales nearly doubled this year.

Perkel4224d ago

sweet 500k in one month for ps3 :)

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