Media Create hardware sales (12/21 - 12/27)

Media Create has finally published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan, which were delayed due to the holidays.

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Valay4224d ago

Still pretty big numbers for the Wii this week. PS3 dropped, but many people were expecting that since FFXIII sales were down. The PSP numbers might be the most surprising - Perhaps people are gearing up for Kingdom Hearts.

RememberThe3574224d ago

but what is driving Wii sales so high?

Shang-Long4224d ago

someone should call Sherlock homes

NateDPG4224d ago

I would say the italian midget is driving the sales so high, doesn't this buddy have a new game now?

sikbeta4224d ago

Guys, isn't that cuz of the new Mario Game?

"PSP go – 4,192"


At this point all of us can say that PS2 is LEGEND

HardcoreGamer4224d ago

WE KIND OF NEED SOME ps3 is doom articles as im gettin really bored, playing some serious gaming. joke

but on a serious note WOWii LOOK THAT TOY GO

gaffyh4224d ago

PS3 had a big drop, but still 100k is impressive and a lot more than the 40k usual.

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conjurdevil4224d ago

Pretty nice numbers for nintendo but I got to say a lil disappointed by numbers for ps3 considering it was a holiday season and final fantasy XIII release its almost as equal as psp and pspgo is not even worth mentioning.

sikbeta4224d ago

FF13 sales couldn't be consistent, this is not something new, it happen with every FF game and the numberz are Good knowing +1.5m PS3 owners already have the game on the +4m userbase

Ziriux4224d ago

Luckily non of these concerned me so i'm not too worried about the delay.

LordMarius4224d ago

The Wii is still going strong...
One of Life's greatest mysteries

xaviertooth4224d ago

holiday season and PRICE.

-Mezzo-4224d ago

Yet another solid sales figure for Nintendo Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.