Brothers In Arms DS Review

Nintendo's DS is the last console you'd expect Gearbox's tactical WWII shooter to land on but pocket developer Gameloft has somehow managed to squeeze most of the goodness from the 'daddy' versions into a scaled-down, pint-sized version.

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PS360WII6220d ago

plus it uses the controls as found in Metriod Hunters. This sounds like a decent war game on the DS


FPS Friday - Brothers in Arms: Double Time

"How many hours have Wii owners reported playing Brothers in Arms: Double Time in the 854 days from September 23, 2008 to January 24, 2011?" says CoffeewithGames.

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CoffeewithChess4894d ago

Have any of you played Brothers in Arms: Double Time on the Wii? If so, did the game's levels/missions have a more arcade feel to them, compared to other FPS games, where the missions are perhaps longer?

tunaks14894d ago

I heard this game isnt very good.


The Bender Podcast – Bethesda, BioWare, Sony and.. Elvis?

Binge Gamer writes: What an episode of The Bender. Somehow we go from Michael Jackson to Elvis.. and find out some surprising information on "The King" (not the one of pop). Honestly, just please excuse the first 15 minutes of the show, let us blame Allison not being here and her "broken microphone" (aka alcohol, aka The Conduit). Still, we end up covering a lot of news, mostly developer/publisher stuff grabbing the headlines. So listen now to know the future of this industry, enjoy!

Show Notes | Topics:

Starlight Charity – Donate !

Rumors of a new Michael Jackson game?

id Software Sold to Bethesda Parent Company Zenimax, but John Romero is no fan of the deal

Mythic Entertainment, BioWare merge into one superdeveloper… owned by EA

PSP Go is expensive because it's new, even though it's cheaper to make

Oh, and PSP Games Will be Around 700MB

Is 2K Working on New Duke Nukem Game? Because 3D Realms is Still Working on DNF

Gearbox sez… Infinity Ward, Bungie Should Do Something New

Character Designer Given the Shaft on Wii Ghostbusters, Studio Says It Wasn't Intentional

There Will Be Blood in Next Mortal Kombat - Milkshakes Unconfirmed

Twitter, Last.FM the most important E3 announcements?!

Platform Nation Gaming Nights was fun! – (Next P*N Gaming Night is on Monday playing Halo 3)

Serious Sam coming to Xbox 360 and PC

Jolie v. Fox for Tomb Raider Supremacy

New Hitman movie

MK Film Producer Suing Midway for IP Rights

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GameBosh Review: Brothers In Arms: Double Time - Earned In Blood

GameBosh writes: "This is the sequel to Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and is oddly only available to buy on the Wii as part of the Double Time compilation. If Medal of Honour Heroes 2 was the game version of Saving Private Ryan, then Brothers in Arms is essentially Band of Brothers, with smaller, more intimate battles won by deploying the right men in the right area.

Whereas other games of this type encourage 'rush in and shoot everyone' heroics, Brothers in Arms all but forbids it. In order to kill enemies firing from cover you'll need to out-flank them by sending your 'fire team' in one direction as a distraction while your 'assault team' sneaks in from the side or rear. To help you plan your manoeuvres, you call up a 3D map showing each squads' position and where the enemy is hiding."

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