Dead Rising 2 - Leaked Information

Early this year Capcom announced it would indeed create a sequel for it's open air zombie game. As E3 approaches the buzz in there air is that it will not be ready in time to show. who had a list of games being shown did not include Dead Rising 2, but rumor has it that there may be a teaser trailer shown at E3 for the highly anticipated sequel.

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zonetrooper54740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Please say there is a sequel, I loved the first Dead Rising game and if they make a second then I shall buy it for my 360. :D and its gonna had mutiplayer. :D

“Finally this game will have some aspect of multiplayer where users will be able to play a survivor and try to tough it out online with at least 4 players. With the first one Capcom knew that gamers wanted a multiplayer zombie game. However did not have the time to make it happen. This game they are listening to the gamer through the survey that was taken a while back.”

Diselage4740d ago

I'm pretty sure they already confirmed the sequel, it's just a matter of when now. From the looks of it, doesn't seem that far off.

Caxtus7504740d ago

yes! i am so hoping there is a sequel! Multiplayer idea sounds fun so i hope that is true too! (Not sure about LAs VEgas though....early days though :P)

Whoooop4740d ago

Capcom thinks about releasing this sequel multiplatform.. I would like to play this game on my PS3..

It looks like a fun game...

THE_JUDGE4740d ago

I thought that this one was going multi? I know Condemed is.

Lex Luthor4740d ago

Condemmed was made by sega, dead rising also sold close to 2 million on the 360 alone. why would capcom waste their time and money porting to ps3 with it's pathetic install base. If anything it probably 360 then pc later, just like lost planet.

Whoooop4740d ago

How can you say 3.5 mil is a pathetic Install base, with only 6 months of lifespam and all the negative press etc.. I know compared to the 360 right now is not THAT much, but nevertheless is a nice amount of owners..

The question is: why can't they port Dead Rising if they have the chance, even if it's a crappy port, when they can make more money?? Also the PS3 owners being desperate for games>?

Odion4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Condemed is made by Sega.

I would be very surprised if this wasn't multiplatform considering that they said thats their stance from now on. I am sure you'd have a lot of haters wanting to burn Capcom if they released it just on the Xbox 360.

But you never know maybe MS signed up to get two games for their system only or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.