New God of War III artworks

Two new artwork pieces from God of War III.


There's more screen here:

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headwing453667d ago

these were feature in the official playstation magazine at the begining of last year

sikbeta3667d ago



LordMarius3667d ago

Here's hoping that battle with Hades is godly and deadly

Rumor3667d ago

flaming titan guy looks epic as he//

wonder how Kratos will savagely murder rape him. :/ and at the #2 commentor...... i asked myself the same thing about Molyneux

Jinxstar3667d ago

Flaming Titan guy is Hades.... Yes he does look epic =D

Game looks great. Just Platinumed 1 and 2. My all time fav franchise of the last decade

Benjamin_Franklin3667d ago

I dont see the hype in this game. You play a bald dude on steriods who has superman powers while you just run and kill.... Sorry but i've been there done that

LordMarius3667d ago

I dont recall Benjamin Franklin ever doing that

zodiac9093667d ago

care to explain in where?

nycredude3667d ago

Oh look here a fool who haven't played GOw 1 or 2 saying he doesn't see the hype for GOW 3. Go play GOW 1 and 2 and come back make a comment like that and see if it still makes sense to you.

BTW why show up here anyway if you don't have an interest in the game?

Are you interested in Bayonetta, Darksiders, Dants's Inferno? Cause ALL those games have been done before, as well as almost EVERY game out this year. Guess you won't be playing anything this year.

Gambit073667d ago

Seriously, don't disrespect Kratos.

Killjoy30003667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I don't see the hype in playing as a testosterone-induced meat head in Gears of War who can barely speak English coherently without sounding like he's trying too hard to be tough.

I don't see the appeal in playing as some retarded Italian plumber in overalls in Mario games.

I don't see why people like to play as some gay little elf in a green dress in crappy games like Zelda.

Why would anyone wanna play as Nathan Drake? He looks like a freaking' Calvin Klein model for Christ's sake.

To put it into perspective, this is exactly how foolish you sound when talking about Kratos. I suggest you take your nonsense regarding a great franchise like God of War elsewhere.

steck673667d ago

Based on this idiots past comments, I'm not surprised to see such a foolish comment coming out of him.

SilentNegotiator3667d ago

Yeaaaaah, I'm going to say that he's never played any of the God Of War games. Or ANY game on the PS3.

*Pops a bubble*

Oldsnake0073667d ago

Dude take care what you say or Kratos will come and Rape you

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Agheil3667d ago

Cant wait till the game comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.