EU Attempting Stricter Rules on Sale of Violent Games

European Union justice ministers on Wednesday opened day-long discussions which are expected to focus on plans for stricter rules on the sale of "killer games" to children. However, ministers were unlikely to agree on common standards on the selling of violent video and computer games, German justice minister Brigitte Zypries told reporters ahead of the meeting.

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Diselage4737d ago

Really hope this doesn't spread over the pond to the US. I guess they've been trying here but if the EU does it it'll just give more weight to the arguments here.

BrotherSic4737d ago

I dont see how this a bad thing, all they are discussing is whether or not it is worth while having standard laws/penalties in place to stop retailers selling to minors.

In the UK we already have strict regulations concerning age ratings. Kids still manage to get hold of games but at least that some will be stop from buying games they are not old enough to play. Unfortunately there are still alot of parents who ignore the ratings. I was playing Gears today with a 9 year old lol

Mike134nl4737d ago

Stricter rules in a time when games are getting more realistic makes kinda sense to me.

Vip3r4737d ago

I bet violent games end up banned in the EU. As if we don't get the shaft enough.


BrotherSic4737d ago

if you read the article it states that the EU will still allow countries to decide what should be allow and banned.

its a shame the Germany banned violent games but I cant see other countries following suit.

MrFurious4737d ago

I think TV, Movies or News today gives MUCH MORE violence to children's eyes than any games, as it is MUCH MORE REALISTIC as it is REAL!!
Of course age indication is important, but they should rule on much widely spread media that is TV!!! Idiot politics do not understand anything about techs, they just wanna control all, have power in their hands and manipulate masses.