SEGA's thoughts on Wii HD, believes Nintendo can afford to drop price of the Wii

SEGA's Constantine Hantzopoulos has responded to questions surrounding the possibility of Wii HD and notes that the Wii "is a mass market product" and that Nintendo will "still make money if they drop it to 80 bucks."

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Valay3667d ago

The funny thing about Wii HD is that it's mostly been talk from Michael Pachter, who pretty much admitted that he was speculating. However, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Nintendo released an alternative Wii, especially after there have been four versions of the DS.

Saaking3667d ago

Actually, I'd rather Nintendo release the "Wii HD" as an add on to the current Wii. I'd hate to have to buy a new Wii when the current one is not used that much anyways. If they make an HD add-on and HD support for games (at least the important ones), it'd be pretty awesome.

3667d ago
swiftshot933667d ago

I agree. The N64 and SNES were so damn entertaining, I mean to think that the Gamecube and the Wii are the follow-ups to those 2 beautiful consoles boggles the mind. How the hell did Nintendo go from the insanely amazing N64 and SNES to the decent gamecube and abysmal Wii?

SilentNegotiator3667d ago

I wouldn't be shocked if it were down to less than $100 now.
Nintendo totally rips us off.

sikbeta3667d ago

Guys, why you think Nintendo will make an HD wii when the common wii still selling
wii HD can be the answer of a wii in decline, but in the Real World there are more casuals than gamers, if that wasn't truth a "game" like wii-fit couldn't sell like it was doing

dirthurts3667d ago

From a hardware point of view, an add on for the Wii to make it HD isn't possible.
There is no way to bypass the onboard video chipset. Any external connections that the wii has would not be fast enough to allocate video externally anyway.
The expansion pack was simply a ram upgrade. The external cd drives where simply storage data.
I'm afraid it would be new console or nothing.
Although they could add an external upscaler...

3667d ago
SilentNegotiator3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

A 1080p console capable of 60fps and with motion plus and hard-drive built in for $200 in 2010? LOL, I doubt it.

Noctis Aftermath3667d ago

@saaking: what you are describing is essentially the Sega Mega drive addon called the Mega CD, do you really want something similar to that abomination for the wii?

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bigjclassic3667d ago

The current Wii console is the next PS2 meaning its going to be around for a while selling systems similar to the PS2 and DS are selling consoles like gangbusters.

If Wii HD came out this year or next it would be big for devs because they would have another HD console to put multiplats on.

At this time there would be no reason to have all 4 consoles because 3 of them will share similar multiplats.

sikbeta3667d ago

Devs are whining all day cuz of the Development costs and you think they're going to make 1 game on the wii and 1 game on a wii HD, knowing that franchises like COD aka the most over-hyped franchise can barely break the +1m sales mark and others Third party games can't even think of reaching those numbers, there is no way they going to spend more time and money

asdr3wsfas3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Seriously, one ps3 game and a canceled contract destroyed factor 5 and they had loads of successful previous nintendo development. Meanwhile NMH sells 400-500k copies and it earns a sequel. The wii lets people take chances that would destroy a HD studio. The odd games that result are why I love the system.

Gr813667d ago

Exactly Oobob. What I find hilarious is if indeed third aprties are parroting pachter with an HD system, that would be a death knell for them. They'd bleed to death if the situation was anything like last gen in terms of universality. The HD systems combined barely edge out the Wii and TP's are bleeding money. A Flop on an HD system closes studios down. A flop on Wii somehow gets a sequel ;)

kratos173667d ago

i would play the wii a lot more if we could use the classic controller for the hardcore games (i just hate motion controls)

Mahr3667d ago

I like Sega and everything, but, uh, they really shouldn't be acting like they're some sort of sage on how to make money in the hardware market.

Gr813667d ago

With All of this recent Sega insight it makes you wonder why they aren't still making Hardware. LoL!

asdr3wsfas3667d ago

lol, I came here to make this exact joke.

Mini Mario3666d ago


"With All of this recent Sega insight it makes you wonder why they aren't still making Hardware. LoL! "

Yeh let's all take advice from sega lol Because they know all about how to sell a system.

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