Microsoft Patents New Motion-Control Technology

As if Project Natal wasn't enough, Microsoft has filed a patent for a new motion-control technology that will sense even the smallest hand gestures. It works by placing small sensors on your arm that pick up muscle movements in your hand. Note that this new technology is still in its very early stages, and it's far from public consumption. Nevertheless, it's a great step forward for the industry.

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GR8 14231d ago

Microsoft always moving forward in technology

bioshock12214231d ago

Yeah agree they seem to really be going one step forward from the competition with this motion control thing.

starmin764231d ago

Imagine if this technology were to be integrated with something like Natal. Could be very interesting.

blue7xx74231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Yeah it is very interesting especially playing Guitar Hero I could see it work and would probalby be better than spending hundreds on a peripheral for guitar hero. It probably will be integrated in Natal. Microsoft really is going all out on this Natal thing.

N4Garbage4231d ago

Camera and Muscular motion sensing intergration seems like a step forward.

This could be something.

rbluetank4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

my 360 turns on by itself. the tray opens up while i am playing a game by itself. the tray opens and closes repeatedly by itself. the whole experience is amazingly crazy. i will try to make a video of these strange things my 360 does very soon. my wife and friends just laugh at what this console does. lol this why i am not supporting the 360 anymore. it not fanboy but qualityboy. the 360 has little to no quality. i am wondering if anybody else is experiencing these thing as well. lol i am going to have a video of this really soon... it is just show how much quality is in a 360... the proof is in the puddling i have is right in my frontroom turning on and

Camera and Muscular motion sensing intergration seems like a step forward after they get their quality act together. after they get natal together. right now i think they are just beta testing their consumers.. the motion stuff they talked about i will pass on. i wish the them the best.

4230d ago