Square Enix has its wires crossed -- tradition vs. economics

It seems that the guys and gals over at Square Enix have a severe waterfowl disalignment issue -- their ducks aren't in any sort of comprehensible rows. Take, for example, Final Fantasy XIII executive producer Shinji Hashimoto, who said last week that plans for the Xbox 360 were "a blank page."

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Diselage4739d ago

They do seem that they need to get their information straight or at least just decide what their doing and stick with it.

Firewire4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

More xbots crying! It really is pathetic, they have no sense of value in the games that MS gives them, never mind the hardware really doesn't work. So they want Sony games! Never mind SE said no FF for the crap box, they will just keep crying, you know cause thats what little xbots do cry and whine!
I suppose we will have at least 1 article a week from desperate xbot turds crying "Why oh Why, Why won't they give us FF & MGS?" pathetic really, such a sad state of affairs for the crap box!

Oh, wait MS comes through, no sorry its only Pac-Man! For shame xbots for shame!

Odion: I don't have many friends! Oh thats slick, its called the Playstation Nation! There are a hundred million of us! Those are my friends not turdy little whining xbots like yourself!

Sorry but I've been through 4 360's, thats why I have a hate for that box! I had a Wii, but got sick of it, nothing but kiddie games & 5 second puzzles like the DS.

sadiq4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

yeh i dont get them either, they already have their damn halo and gears of war, i mean u dont see us whining about those games, i reallly loved gow but i dont care u know why? epic games has 2 projects for the ps3 i wonder wat they r, anyways u guys should know when u buy an xbox360 its all about fps, as much as i love fps, i still got a ps3 bcuz ps3 has a variety of games

they r sooo greedy, they already have soooo many exclusives and multi platforms and they are still crying... u dont see us crying for dead rising or other crap do u? man microsoft screwed up gaming, back in the day there was no fanboying or flaming, ever since microsoft got involved ti has been, u know im right, u cant deny it, i mean didnt u see how peacefully ps and 64 got along? how ps2 and gc?

ericnellie4739d ago

I completely understand your over-protectiveness of the FF series. Money can be a bad thing and at times because of it good traditions are thrown out of the window. I know you guys are fanboys and that's's good to be passionate about the things you really like and I understand that you want the PS3 to do well in the market and the FF series can help the PS3 out in that department. You just don't have to call people turds that disagree. On the other hand - why not try a 360 or some of the 360 might find that it's a great experience. Own all the systems and play all the games and I guarantee your hate and malice will go right out the window;)

chrno64739d ago

You guys are absoluely right. Bubble for you guys.

PS360WII4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

"Traditionally, the DQ series has been availble on Sony consoles." Except for, oh I don't know, the first 5 or 6....

ngg123454739d ago

These guys are the worst bloggers out of all the sites. They are clearly idiots, and are bias. I don't know why or how you could get news from this site. JOystiq,and kotaku are much better sites in terms of rumours, and what they write.

Silver3604739d ago

MGS4 is not made by Sony and neither is FF13. Gears is published by MS so they own the rights. Nobody on this site has asked for God of War on the 360. It is only third party games that people speculate about.

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The story is too old to be commented.