Zune Shipping with Interesting Processor

We'd just about crossed Zune off our radar gaming-wise until Think Secret, the popular Apple insider website that's been the source of numerous lawsuits because of its well-kept sources, revealed more details about Microsoft's audio visual device. You can read through Think Secret's likely on-target (considering their track record) anonymous information comparing Zune to the iPod, but the most interesting nugget comes from details on Zune's internal 400 Mhz DPS processor. Microsoft's bundling far more power than what's needed for audio and video feedback, so what could be up their sleeves?

With Zune coming out of the Xbox team, games are, of course, the first guess, though we're hard pressed to find a reason for Microsoft to release a device that's meant to enter the same market as PSP and Nintendo DS. Something powerful enough to connect with Live Anywhere and run Xbox Live Arcade, titles, however, seems far more likely.

shotty6162d ago

I think it might have a MSN mobile or something with live anywhere. Microsoft actually has a reason to include wireless since they have alot of other products it can connect with including the xbox 360. Apple wouldn'y really make sense. I perdict that xbox live arcade game would be play over the zune and since it's saved with your gamertag you won't have to pay for games you already bought on your x360. Or maybe the zune will run at a high resolution so it needs the extra power to run it.

Sphinx6162d ago

it plays Xbox Live games... Zuma, Geometry Wars... that would be sweet.

shotty6162d ago

Zuma, Frogger and the other retro ya. But geometry wars is really hardware intersive it's cook warps in the back ground. It would have to be a simplyfied version that MS would offer over the network. I can see Microsoft creating a Cellular data network in therfuture maybe have it full wifi, that would be truely live anywhere.

Marty83706162d ago

Zune sucks.what a stupid name.

HyperBear6162d ago

go choke on your portable piece of sh!t. If this Zune (change the name please) is able to play games, like Xbox games, like say oh Halo, then im srry, but PSP, will be blown in the sh!ter yet again. I know its not all about Halo for everything, but when you think about it, if this thing does have a 400Mhz processor, its got to to do something else than video and music. I say prolly either Xbox games, or Xbox Live arcade games. But yea, they need to change the name, ill agree with that. Oh, and I have a PSP, but i use it only for music, and video, use my Nin. DS for games.

Fuzz McDeath6162d ago

Yeah - that's a great name, its not even a pod....shoot, if the thing holds as much music as an ipod, has a nice user interface, has a decent music store - PLUS all of the music is compatible with my 360 and it is wireless, then I'll definately be getting one of these instead of another ipod...