The Hidden gems of the Steam Holiday Sale

It is now the last day of the epic Steam holiday sale, but although the deals today are uber cheap, you don't have to constrain yourself to those 5 or so deals, if you look around, there are plenty of bargains that have been on sale since the get go of this event. And while this list may have a few holes in it and are missing a few, still much of these deals have gone un-noticed and need abit of love, and that love needs to come from you my friend, so whip out your visas, mastercards, paypal accounts, tell your friends and read on!

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w0ngle4223d ago

stalker clear sky is grrrrreat!

Madis0074223d ago

Clear Sky
Go support PC !!!

champ214222d ago

there were countless good deals on steam this holiday.

Batman AA for 24usd insane for a game just few months old
RE5 24usd
mass effect 5usd
dead space 10usd

many many more

4222d ago
DirtyLary4222d ago

Defense Grid

Red Orchestra



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