1UP: Top 10 PSP Games of 2010

If the DS is the portable RPG and adventure machine, then 1UP would consider the PSP the portable "all sorts of games" system. Which, to be fair, maintains the PSP's original mandate in being a portable version of a home console

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Feral Gamer4220d ago

Were there even 10 games worth mention? I don't remember that many good PSP games.

Chris3994220d ago

Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy are all mentioned. I'd add Lunar and Silent Hill to the list myself. This is like the second post of yours that I've come across today, and man, are you ever negative.

2010 is shaping up to be one of the greatest years for gaming this gen, if not even EVER. If you can't find something to play with the glut of titles already released and on the horizon, you should consider another hobby.

ikkeweer4220d ago

How is silent Hill on the PSP?
I only play my PSP at night lately, so I really want a scary game on it, I can't seem to find one though

xbox3flopteen4220d ago

1.2 - Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy don´t really care

bashing in all its meaning!!!

that list look kinda loose...parasite eve...a third person WHAT!!another ruined game for the awfully bad way-ish of square to appeal to the mere western public!!!!scrw them, wanted a very firm parasite eve title like it fore-installments

ikkeweer4220d ago

Huh?, seriously huh?
I want to comment, but I have no clue on what you just tried to say.

SilentNegotiator4219d ago

O'RLYz?? You don't remember all of your great memories with the PSP from the first 3 days of 2010?

Shang-Long4219d ago

2010 the year i bring back my psp cant wait

ThanatosDMC4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

Peace Walker and PSP's Dead Space that's like Killzone Liberation so im thinking there will be co-op?

Also, there's a rumor that Monster Hunter Tri Portable (JP) will come out though that'll mean the Freedom (NA) version will come out on 2011.

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Handhelds_FTW4220d ago

Resident Evil Portable and Parasite Eve 3. I'm also hopeful for a Phantasy Star Portable 2 stateside release.

DarkBlood4220d ago

Metal Gear Solid peace walker
and resident Evil psp

day one for me

Foxgod4220d ago

Crazy list, it contains some real crappy titles, but they dare to leave out Lunar and Badman2

Allowen4220d ago

For me seems that Sony is asking the devs to hurry to make games for the PSP and that is why we have seem many average to bad games only like Gran Turismo, Jak and Daxter , Motor Storm etc.

After what I saw in 2009 I doubt that games such MGS , Resident Evil or Phantasy Star 2 will be good.

I 'm sorry but the PSP is now gettign as bad as the WII in terms of hardcore games for me. At least I can play some uber classic PS1 games on the PSP to save the day .

xbox3flopteen4220d ago

gran turismo psp wasnt just lacked of its originally main gt option that make a gt a truly gt´s, more over than that, it was a very firm installment to the psp, motor storm was one of the best crazy racing game i have played in my psp along with a couple of friend!!!and jack and daxter!!!!it wasnt even a naughty game.

umm this coming mgs is hot if u really love the franchise(which doesn't seem like), resident evil...i dont know about that, i wont even defend that game since the series isnt what it is suppose to who know who will rescue it, and phantasy star!!!!7.7 did u liked monster hunter!!!no right? me too, so yes it isnt for you.

the psp is the best portable game device out there for HARDCORE in my respect saying, even more than the wii,

edme14220d ago

2009 was a great year for the PSP don't know where you been at.
I also doubt a MGS made by Kojima would fail.

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